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How to Transition to Safer Commercial Cleaning Products October 17, 2016

You’ve seen the statics on chemical exposure illness and you’re ready to make the switch to safer commercial cleaning products. But where do you begin? It may seem daunting, especially when your already busy with your day-to-day tasks, but transitioning to safer cleaning products can make a big impact on your commercial cleaning operations. From […]

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3 Ways to Reduce Commercial Cleaning Costs October 14, 2016

When it comes to commercial cleaning, business as usual isn’t necessarily good for business. Whether its scrubbing floors in bank buildings or cleaning restrooms in sports venues, the tightest-run facilities are a balance of systems, strategy and savings. Achieving this balance requires ongoing improvements. Since 1918, Pollock has supported BSCs with customized consulting, solutions, training, […]

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4 Benefits of Working with a Packaging Design Company September 26, 2016

Should you make your own packaging…or should you hire an outside expert? Learn some of the benefits of working with a packaging design company in this post.

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