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Retailers Still Missing the Mark on Consumer Attitudes Toward Pricing February 12, 2019

“He lines up for the field goal. In most situations, this one’s a gimme. Just a 30-yarder. But this one’s for the Super Bowl. If he makes this kick, it caps the greatest comeback of all-time.” “Here’s the snap. Looks good. The kicker lays into the ball…and it’s…wide right!” “No good!” “That’s gonna sting him […]

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The Difference Between What Consumers Want (And What They Actually Get) February 4, 2019

“We’re dedicated to customer service excellence.” …Practically every retailer says this. And honestly, consumers roll their eyes because they’ve heard it so many times and it sounds like baloney. So it all comes down to experience. When consumers shop at a retailer, what do they actually get in comparison to what they want to experience? […]

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How to Deal with Post-Holiday Returns January 28, 2019

Have you ever thought about how much of your annual product returns actually happen after the holidays? You know it’s significant. And if you’re average, the number hovers around 25%, says an article at Retail Drive. How do you deal with all those returns, logistically speaking, so you have happier customers, while at the same […]

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