10 Essential Items for Reopening the Office

Empty office spaceRemember back when September 2021 was supposed to be the big reopening for many major corporate offices?

Then January 2022?

And here we are now, potentially on the verge of many offices finally reopening.

With the decline of COVID, however, it appears as though this time’s for real.

Don’t let it catch you off guard. Rather, make sure you have these 10 essential items in your office so you experience minimal disruption:

  • Antimicrobial Supplies

This isn’t so much a specific item as it is a category of items.

COVID-19 has put the spread of germs, viruses, and bacteria into the forefront of most Americans’ minds.

So, it just makes good sense to have the following supplies on hand:

  • Antimicrobial desk pads
  • Single-serve coffee maker
  • Air purifiers
  • Stapler with antimicrobial coating
  • Keyboard with antimicrobial coating
  • Antimicrobial ballpoint pens

And that’s just a short list! There are several other items that can make it possible to share an office without spreading germs.

  • Plants

Stress frequently runs high in every office.

So, you’re wise to do everything you can to reduce it.

That includes having plants.

Not only do they reduce stress. They can also increase your employee’s attention spans, among many other benefits.

  • COVID Disinfectant

Even though the risk of getting COVID from touching a surface is low (per the CDC), you’re still wise to provide as much protection from it as possible.

Handwashing is the best thing your employees can do to prevent infection.

And regularly using disinfectant on all common touch points, like door knobs and kitchenette faucets, is the next.

  • Water Bottle

Drinking enough water each day regulates your employees’ moods, improves their sleep quality, and increases their thought clarity.

Each employee having their own water bottle means they don’t have to risk infection or spreading COVID or other germs by sharing a fountain with others.

That makes water bottles a smart move. They’re inexpensive if you want to buy them for the team, or you can encourage everyone to bring in their own.

  • Laptop Dock

You may have to send your employees home from the office again.

Who knows?

Even if that doesn’t happen, some may only want to work from the office a few days per week.

Make the transition between work and home easy by having laptop docks available.

  • Colorful Decor

Why does your office need lively colors?

It’s another way to improve your employees’ mental health.

Blue hues, for example, improve alertness, attention, and mood.

And of course, improved attention and moods leads to fewer mistakes and greater productivity.

  • UV Phone Sanitizer

As its name suggests, this sanitizer uses ultraviolet light to kill germs and bacteria.

None of the options currently available are proven to protect against COVID-19 specifically, but they can help employees spread a few less germs while in the office.

At the same time, such sanitizers can end the lives of many nasty germs.

  • Filing Trays

Pretty standard here, but you need to have filing trays in your office.

They’re one of those essential items that you may have forgotten after nearly two years of working from home.

Make sure your office has the filing trays necessary for everyone to organize their documents.

  • Sitting / Standing Desk

If your office will allow it, try having sitting / standing desks available.

Sitting down all day long really is one of the most unhealthy things your employees can do.

Standing occasionally reduces your employees’ chances of suffering from back or neck pain in the short and long term.

  • Plexiglass Barriers

You see these at every store you go to.

There’s a reason for that – plexiglass provides protection from spreading COVID and other germs.

So, it only makes sense to have the same in your office.

While those 10 items will make a big difference at your office, they’re really just a beginning list.

Keep these items in mind while shopping for supplies to help you reopen your office.

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