3 Essentials for Managing Customer Perception

Perception is everything in the business world.

You may have exactly the same product as another company.

But if they have a stronger brand image, consumers will purchase their product more often than yours.

A lot goes into consumer perception of your brand.

Let’s take a look at how your customer service team’s work can improve consumer perception of your brand:

1. Gathering Data: Time It Right and Keep It Relaxed

For starters, your customer service associates can simply ask your customers for feedback about your product or service.

The key doesn’t lie so much in the ask. It lies in how and when your associates ask.

A great time to ask is after your customer has used your product or service a little. And another good time to ask is at the end of a customer service conversation.

When it comes to how you ask, some customers don’t mince words when sharing their thoughts and feelings with you. However, most will somewhat shade the truth because they don’t want to hurt your feelings.

So your customer service associates need to pay close attention to their tone of voice and the words they use to ask for feedback.

A simple, open-ended question in a calm voice, such as,”How did you feel about your experience with our product?” puts no pressure on the customer to give feedback in any particular way.

With honest feedback, your customer service team can learn what to do and not do to improve consumer perception of your brand.

2. Follow the Leader…And Reward Your Associates for Desirable Customer Service Work

People will always do more of what you incent them to do. It’s a proven psychological fact by researchers in countless studies.

Begin with your execs at the top. They need to show the behavior they expect from your customer service associates.

Your front line always follows the actions (not necessarily the words) of your leadership.

Pick out special customer service interactions shortly after they happen.

Share the story with other customer service associates on the team so they know what to aim for.

Then just spread the love and rewards with your associates and watch your brand perception grow like wildfire!

3. Devise an Omnichannel Customer Service Strategy

Easy to say. Difficult to do.

Today, your customers may want email support, live chat, phone help, video chat, co-browsing, Facebook, WhatsApp, and who knows what other forms of help!

It’s not easy to devise a consistent customer service experience across all these channels.

But you do need to engage with your customers and figure out which ones they need most.

Every customer has their own preference. And the more you can meet their needs, the better your brand perception.

Offering a consistently excellent customer service experience that builds your brand isn’t easy.

With these tactics now in your toolbelt, you can increase the perception of your brand and win more loyal customers who happily tell their friends and family about you!