3 Examples of Truly Exceptional C-Store Customer Service

Your c-store is essentially a micro-hub of community activity and represents an excellent opportunity for building relationships.

Compare this to a grocery store. It’s farther away from most people. It serves many more customers.

Not a single employee there recognizes any of the customers who walk in.

But your c-store, on the other hand, because you repeatedly serve a much smaller and more local demographic, presents an opportunity to build relationships and keep your revenue strong.

How many c-stores have you been in who you think truly understand this?

Take a look at some ways you can build relationships with customers and keep your standing in your local community strong and vibrant:

1. Knowing Customers By Name and Remembering One Thing About Them

Let’s say Rachel visits your c-store to make her routine purchase of a gallon of milk.

You know that her son’s been having some medical issues.

Don’t bring the specific issue to light.

But do ask Rachel how her son’s doing.

People always want to know you care about them.

And simply asking about something going on in their life is a powerful way to show just how much you really do care.

2. Acknowledge Your Customer’s Feelings

Sometimes, the look on someone’s face says it all.

You know exactly how they’re feeling. Something’s not right.

A simple,”Rough day?” can go a long way.

You might also try a sincere compliment (but only if it is truly sincere) or a joke to try to cheer them up.

You won’t change your customer’s demeanor and instantly make them happy.

But they’ll appreciate your effort.

Who else, other than a family member, would make any effort to interact with them when they’re feeling down?

3. Do What Other C-Stores Won’t Do

Upset customers are much more likely to let everyone know on social media than they are to tell you about the issue in person.

If you learn of a customer who feels unhappy with your c-store on social media, reach out to them directly.

Get their phone number and call them.

Fix the issue in a way that exceeds their minimum expectation. Ask them what they want you to do, and then offer ideas on how to top it.

Now that upset customer becomes a raving fan. And, they tell everyone they know about your c-store.

It’s not actually that hard to provide truly exceptional service. It’s much harder to find and motivate employees willing to perform such service on your company’s behalf.

However, when you find such employees and reward their truly exceptional customer service behavior, it’s a major game-changer other c-stores can’t match.