3 Forgotten Retail Bag Design Tips

Your retail bag should really be an art form. Your goal is to impress your customer so much with it that they just have to come back and shop again.

Of course, this should cap off an already amazing experience with you.

But remember, your bag will be one of the last experiences your customer has with you. If the handles break and your product falls through, that’s about the worst you can do.

So, what should you analyze when it comes to retail packaging, including the bags?

Here’s some sales-boosting suggestions:

1. Make Your Packaging Suffice as Gift Wrap

If you know your customer frequently buys your product as a gift, take a step out of the purchasing process by making your product’s packaging gift-worthy.

This keeps the customer from having to ask for gift wrap at your store, go to another store for the same thing, or having to do the wrapping themselves.

French beauty products company Sephora does this and is a phenomenal example if you want a company to study.

2. Leave a Lasting Emotional Impression

How do customers feel about your company? What emotions do they experience when they see your logo?

Do they think and feel nothing?

Every interaction makes a difference. For example, take a look at DuLuth Trading Company’s advertising.

Geared towards gruff, tough, and hardworking blue-collar men, its advertising screams everything that goes with being a “manly man.”

Whenever you hear that company name or see anything associated with it, you know exactly which market they serve. And if you’re one of the company’s customers, you have an instant connection.

It’s one of many reasons the company is now a $546 million enterprise.

So how can you accomplish the same with your own retail bags and packaging?

3. Use Your Bag As A Lasting Advertising Tool

You don’t want the type of advertising that comes from being the torn-apart bag that’s found in the ditch.

If you have a more durable bag, and awesome advertising on the side, your bag may get used for weeks and months ahead.

Alice and Olivia makes women’s designer clothing. Their standard bag is a nylon tote with rope handles.

The bag’s so durable that it still gets used 6 months later!

Get your name, website, and an exciting offer on the side, and you now have a wicked advertising tool at your disposal.

So now that you have these tips, make sure you never forget them.