3 New Customer Service Mistakes to Avoid

With all the new apps and software out there, every aspect of business changes faster than ever before.

The very nature of the internet, which allows small companies to laser-target tight niches, creates a fertile ground for innovation unlike any other seen in history before.

It truly is the greatest time to be an entrepreneur.

If you’re in customer service, maybe you can’t be your own entrepreneur. But, you can certainly innovate within the current market.

So, what are some potential areas in customer service that have the opportunity for innovation?

Take a look at these common customer service mistakes to stimulate your thinking:

1. Automating Everything…and Removing Personal Relationships Entirely

Just because you can completely automate your customer service doesn’t mean you should.

Sure, you can quickly score some apparent cost savings. You don’t have to employ as many customer service reps as you did before.

But, what are the long-term ramifications of that?

Do your customers get frustrated because they can’t call and talk to someone who can solve their problem?

Could you steal market share from your competitors by being the one company who listens, cares, and actually solves customer problems?

So…give your customers the option to talk to a rep or use automated customer service. And when they choose the rep, make sure your reps have the ability to make decisions that keep your customers so happy they can’t help but tell everyone about your amazing service!

2. Ditch the Scripts

When was the last customer service experience you had with a rep who simply yammered off everything from a script as fast as they could?

How did that make you feel?

And how likely are you to keep using that company or recommend their products and services to others?

You can’t get rid of scripts entirely. You may have to make sure certain things get said in certain ways to stay in compliance with the law.

But where possible, let your reps simply be people talking to other people, doing their best to help them solve their problem.

Yes. It takes time and effort. But it pays off so much in an on-the-go world where everyone else just wants to ram you through a digital process as fast as possible.

3. Failing to Transform Customer Service Into a Sales Opportunity

No customer wants to buy when they’re upset. But, solve their problem and make them happy, and that’s a ripe bed for making an additional sale.

For example, to say you’re sorry, offer your customer a 10-20% discount on an accessory of their choice.

And maybe you give them a coupon that gives both your customer and a friend or family member a discount too.

The instant you make someone happy is a great time to ask for an additional sale.

And since so many companies today could care less about customer service, it could be a great secret weapon in your arsenal that goes undetected by your competitors for years!

Failing to nail customer service is the achilles heel of many companies, including some of the world’s largest.

Learn how to capitalize on their mistakes, and watch your own market share grow while theirs shrinks…and they have no idea why!