3 Principles for Unforgettable Online Customer Service

US e-commerce sales grew 14.9% from 2018 to 2019. Revenues were $523 billion in 2018 and grew to $602 billion in 2019.

And with the coronavirus pandemic in full force, e-commerce sales have skyrocketed in essential product categories.

Plus, you know the market won’t change back to its pre-coronavirus behavior anytime soon. Consumers will remain frightened as they slowly creep back into their regular lives.

How long will it take for them to regain their confidence that life is once again normal?

No one knows.

And the coronavirus pandemic may convince consumers to stay home and do more of their shopping online…for the rest of their lives.

So that means it’s up to you to adjust. What do consumers want to see from your online customer service that makes them feel elated?

Here’s some tips:

1. Customers Expect Highly Personalized Multichannel Service

Some customers want to call. Others prefer live chat. And still others would rather email, Tweet, or Facebook you.

The great thing about online customer service is that you can offer highly personalized experiences. The challenging thing about online customer service is that you have to offer highly personalized experiences.

That’s not a typo!

So, you must invest time and money understanding your market and how they like to communicate. And you should invest in software that consolidates and eases customer service across multiple channels so you never miss a beat.

2. Every Little Detail Counts

If you think attention to detail is paramount in your traditional business operations, magnify that effect times ten for your online customer service.

For example, have you ever had to attempt to read a captcha box to submit an email, only to have to enter the info in 2-3 times because you can’t read the practically illegible letters?

Or, have you ever used a slow website that drives you nuts while you try to find what you want?

The slightest thing affects consumer behavior. But on the positive side, you can control those slight things, which allows you to improve customer experience and snatch more revenue.

3. Automate Simple Customer Service Tasks

This could be a much larger than expected win for your company. You can save serious labor and equipment costs by automating simple and routine customer service tasks.

Note that this doesn’t mean forcing your customers to use these options. Still give them the opportunity to talk with your team.

But, for simple stuff, like updating account information, give them the option of doing it themselves and make it abundantly clear they can do so.

A study by American Express found that more than 60% of consumers prefer automated self-service.

Improving customer service could be just what your company needs to make it through this wildly unpredictable market.

So, analyze your company and see how these simple tips can fit in and drive your service through the roof.