3 Reasons Why You’ll Love Hospeco

Would you believe there’s a company who’s specialized in women’s personal care products since 1919?

That sounds almost unbelievable because it doesn’t seem like women’s hygiene products have been around that long.

But Hospeco has been around for a full century. And they have specialized in feminine hygiene products.

So if someone’s going to do an awesome job in that niche, then it’s going to be Hospeco, right?

Since 1919, they’ve expanded the markets they serve a little. But they still retain that expertise in feminine hygiene products.

And here’s what else that makes them great:

1. The First No-Touch Toilet Seat Cover

Evogen is the world’s first no-touch toilet seat cover. It’s ready to use direct from the dispenser.

It comes with no tabs to tear so you can put it to use as fast as possible. It also comes with a tab so the seat cover itself automatically flushes without any touching.

The paper is also thicker and heavier so it doesn’t tear and so it provides a stronger sanitary barrier.

2. Complete Menstrual Care for Public Restrooms

Hospeco’s goal is to make sure every women’s public restroom has tampons available. They have a wide selection of vending machines, disposal options, receptacle liners, and tampons designed specifically for public vending.

If you have public restrooms unprepared to accommodate what can be an unpredictable need for women, Hospeco makes sure you’ll be okay.

3. Sphergo Surface Cleaning

Yes, these cleaning products can be used outside of restrooms. So here’s where Hospeco takes a slight departure from its public restroom focus (but remember it’s only a small one).

The Sphergo tool, which looks like a trowel but with a round knob as a handle, can be used to clean any flat surface.

That could mean windows, counters, walls, mirrors, ceilings, tops of toilet tanks – literally any flat surface.

You also get an extension arm so you can clean those harder-to-reach surfaces that might otherwise require a ladder.

The spherical ball handle actually rotates as you use Sphergo, which reduces musculoskeletal stress common to manual cleaning labor.

Look, when it comes to public restroom maintenance, and especially when it comes to women’s public restroom maintenance, we’re big fans of Hospeco.

And you should be too.

So if you hear us recommend Hospeco products, you should feel elated because you know you have great quality and experience on your side.