3 Simple Techniques to Increase Your Holiday Sales

Boosting your holiday sales doesn’t need to be a monumental task. You don’t have to spend months planning the greatest innovation your company has ever seen, with the risk that it could totally fail.

Increasing your holiday sales can actually be quite simple, and even easy. Have you tried any of the tactics or techniques below?

Consider each carefully:

  • Make Receiving Alerts Easy

Many e-commerce sites have “Wish Lists.” But here’s the problem with those: you have to create an account, which involves a few steps and memorizing yet another password.

Every extra step you add to any online process means customers drop off. So, why not make it super-simple for them to get exactly what they want?

For every item on your website, add a box where they can enter their email to get an in-stock alert, or notification of a sale price (and even both). Then, they simply enter their email, which is just a single step, and leave.

That’s easy and painless. And you’ll get more customers back as a result.

  • Offer a Discount for Signing Up to Your Email List

Have you ever browsed a few hundred e-commerce sites and looked only at the promos they use to get you to sign up to their list?

Clear out your browser’s cookies and do it. You’ll see a wide range of techniques. The most effective offer a tantalizing incentive for joining their email list.

Tactics include 10% or 20% off your first total purchase, free shipping on your first order, or a random mystery discount ranging from 10 – 40%. Then, some companies simply say,”Join our list to get the latest sales and promotions.”

Nothing’s a bigger turnoff than that last one. It’s vague, and offers no real motivation to join.

Customers on your email list spend the most with you over the long term. So it’s worth your time and money to test and improve your incentive for joining.

  • Consider Adding Live Chat

What customer doesn’t like to have help immediately available, should they need it?

Having the option for live chat can do wonders for sales. Your rep can clarify a question that helps a customer buy from you (and not someone else). They can upsell the customer by offering additional suggestions on what they might also be interested in. You could even empower each rep with a certain amount of special discounts they can offer customers.

Customers who don’t get an immediate solution to their question leave. They go and purchase what they need from one of the thousands of other e-commerce sites.

None of These Solutions are Groundbreaking

Adding one, or even all, of these features to your website doesn’t come with a huge time or capital investment. But they certainly can have a huge payoff.

Low risk? High reward? It just makes good sense to test each and see what results you get.