3 Ways to Reduce Commercial Cleaning Costs


When it comes to commercial cleaning, business as usual isn’t necessarily good for business. Whether its scrubbing floors in bank buildings or cleaning restrooms in sports venues, the tightest-run facilities are a balance of systems, strategy and savings. Achieving this balance requires ongoing improvements.

Since 1918, Pollock has supported BSCs with customized consulting, solutions, training, and supplies for every corner of the workplace.Ongoing worker training.
Initial training is part of your process, no doubt, but what about ongoing training? Freshening your let-us-help-youemployees’ knowledge can prevent safety liabilities and ensure that the most effective tools and ways to clean are being utilized.Here are 3 ways to improve efficiency and reduce your commercial cleaning costs:

  1. Upgraded equipment. New innovations in cleaning equipment are out there. Designed to improve cleaning results, speed cleaning processes, and reduce labor costs, they are worth considering. Selecting more efficient equipment is an investment that can really pay off.
  2. Green cleaning supplies. According to the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International, a single green cleaning product often takes the place of multiple traditional products. This means less product to stock, which can be a substantial cost savings. In addition, since most environmentally-friendly cleaning products are safer to use, they can improve worker safety while minimizing the risk of work-related injuries.

Here are just a few of the perks of using Pollock:

  • Inside product delivery, customized for your needs. Improve efficiency using inside delivery of the unique products we offer, all specific to each space.
  • Online tools. Increase revenue, control spend, and manage budgets per facility with online tools.
  • Training solutions. Benefit from the savings of reducing labor costs with improved productivity from better training.
  • Certification management. Achieve sustainability goals with LEED, CIMS and green cleaning certifications.

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