3 Work-From-Home Winter Wellness Mistakes to Avoid

You never thought you’d have to figure out how to live life all over again as an adult, did you?

If nothing else, life does a great job of delivering the unexpected.

But, human ingenuity and innovation make us extremely adaptable to even the most unusual of circumstances. For example, people have learned how to live all over the world in climates that vary wildly.

So, working from home because of the coronavirus is doable. But, what mistakes could you make? And what should you do instead?

Here are 3 mistakes to avoid so you can optimize your personal wellness this winter as you work from home:

1. Not Setting Clear Boundaries with Your Family

You love your family so much. And it’s nice to be around them a little more. But, you have responsibilities you need to do for work too.

At your workplace, you take breaks. You can do the same at home also. So if someone in your family needs something or wants to be with you, make sure you let them know you can do that on your break.

It’s hard to be home in some ways, but not really be home in others. However, you have to find the balance and set the boundaries so work and your family’s needs get met.

Perhaps sit down with your family and have a discussion, if needed. Other people tend to buy in more to new ways of doing things when you include their opinion.

2. Not Having a Set Schedule

If you’re salaried, you still need to create your own schedule. For example, don’t make yourself available at 10 PM if you never did when you worked in the office.

Not having a set schedule actually makes you less productive. You may end up working more hours than normal. But then, you’ll be less productive during those hours because you’re working too long and on inconsequential tasks.

If you don’t schedule breaks, you’ll tire yourself out over the long run. An 8-10 hour day 3-6 months from now will result in much less productivity.

3. Doing Too Many Things at Once

The human mind was designed to focus on just one thing at a time. While you may think you can multitask and do your work, the laundry, and talk to your spouse or kids all at once, you actually can’t.

What’s really happening is that you’re quickly switching among all the tasks you’re doing.

You make more mistakes. And sometimes big ones. People believe they can do more than one thing at once, and that’s the problem.

Just read this study and article by National Public Radio for proof.

Avoiding all these mistakes means you have a healthier mind and body. You do better quality work. Your stress levels stay in check. And you get along with your family better.

Balance is hard. And you have to work at it. But you can do it and be at your best every day of the week.