4 Office Sanitation Myths Dispelled

In every industry, you have myths and reality. Things appear to work this way, but they really work that way.

When you talk about office cleanliness and sanitation, understand the reality behind these 4 myths:

1. Office Sanitation Isn’t a Specialized Area of Knowledge

It’s easy to fall into the thinking that cleaning pros really aren’t professionals at all. It’s easy to judge people in this industry as much less than others.

But, sanitation, the actual process of removing disease-causing agents like germs and bacteria, is in fact its own science.

That’s because some products clean (giving an area of your office a neat appearance and clean scent), while others do that and kill the underlying germs and bacteria which make employees sick and reduce productivity.

To make the latter happen, you need specialized knowledge and experience as to which products to use, and the right way to apply them in the correct amount so they do their job.

That takes years to master, just like any other profession!

2. Anyone Can Do Office Sanitation

In truth, anyone can pick up a mop or rag and start cleaning. And you can certainly hire office sanitation services who do only that.

However, you can also find services with experienced supervisors who train capable, well-paid professionals who help you get results the entry-line companies can’t.

For example, they can actually reduce the amount of germs and bacteria in your office so your workers stay healthier.

That means they miss fewer days at work due to illness. And their productivity remains high because their body doesn’t have to divert any energy to fighting off germs and bacteria.

It may be harder to find a janitorial service who does this. But many do have the knowledge and skills.

3. Office Sanitation Disrupts Your Employees’ Ability to Do Their Jobs and Decreases Productivity

This does happen. But it only happens with inexperienced or cheap janitorial companies who don’t plan for this.

Experienced janitorial companies who know how to do their work understand how to blend in and do their job at your company while also not getting in the way.

And they’re happy to take the time to understand how to work with you best.

That’s one of many differences between just any janitorial service, and a top-notch one.

4. Clean-Smelling and Clean-Looking Areas Are Safe and Healthy

Some janitorial companies know how to manipulate their work to appeal to your senses. Others just want to make you happy. But the best make you happy and deliver you measurable business results.

Like you heard earlier, it’s easy to make a toilet or desk surface look and smell clean and fresh.

But, remember you don’t have a special sense for the number of germs and bacteria which could still remain.

You could have billions of bacteria that cause frequent illness and productivity problems in your office – even though it looks beautiful and smells fresh.

Appearances can be deceiving.

Office sanitation is important to your company’s success. If you take it seriously, you’ll notice an improved bottom line.

So make sure to investigate these myths and all their aspects as you hire a sanitation service, rather than the nearest warm body.

Your workers, your board, and your customers will thank you.