4 Reasons Retail Websites Lose Sales

This holiday season will undoubtedly drive your sales far higher. But, are your sales as high as they could be?

Check out these reasons to learn how you could increase your website’s sales even further:

  • Discuss Your Product’s Benefits

Every website nails the features (facts) about a product. Without exception, manufacturers, distributors, and everyone else, nails what the product is, has, or does.

That’s important for consumers to know.

But if you stop there, you bleed sales.

Your customers also need to know why they should buy your product. This means discussing the benefits your products offer.

In simple terms, you focus on discussing the experience your product offers. If you stick to just features, well, many other products have exactly the same features.

So, why should a customer buy yours if they can get the same from someone else now, or at a lower price?

And yes, you need to discuss these even if they’re obvious. Because, customers won’t necessarily think about the benefits your product implies.

Make it real for them so it’s easier for them to decide to buy.

  • Let Customers Give You Their Email for In-Stock or Sale Notifications

How many thousands of customers arrive at your website, find out you’re out of stock and on backorder, and then leave, never to return again?

Simply have your web development team give them a box where they can enter their email address and you can notify them you have their item in-stock.

Don’t be tempted to think a “Wish List” works just the same. That requires your customers to take extra steps, like creating an account, going through a frustrating password creation experience, and then actually adding the item and checking their account for updates.

Every step you make your customers take leads to lose customers and sales.

Make buying ridiculously easy for them instead.

  • Slow Load Times

Websites, even at some of the nation’s leading retailers, don’t offer a good user experience. For example, you may have to wait several seconds before the product page loads.


Every page on your website must load in a couple seconds. Or, your visitors get angry and frustrated. Instead of buying, they leave.

  • Free Shipping

You may not be able to offer free second-day shipping. And maybe the idea of offering free shipping of any kind at all scares you.

But somehow, find a way to offer it. Customers would much rather have an option for free shipping, rather than paying the cost.

You may have to attach this to a minimum order amount. It could only come on certain occasions through email promo codes. Or, maybe you ask for a small monthly fee like Amazon.

The point is to find some way to offer it to at least a portion of your customers.

One of the main reasons many retailers can’t compete today is they choose not to meet the demands the market has for their website. Now that you know what your market wants, deliver it to them and watch your sales grow.