4 Retail Bagging Mistakes that Irritate Your Customers


Have you ever gone to a retailer where you were disappointed with their bagging work? What kind of mood did that put you in after you left the store? How likely were you to return again?

Added up, little things like that can make a huge difference at any business. Here are some mistakes to watch out for with your bagging that can irritate your customers to the point where they’re not willing to come back:

  1. Flimsy/Weak Bagging

Ever get terrified because you walked out of a store with a bag full of goods, wondering if the bag would even hold them? It’s not a feeling your customers want, either. Plus, if the handles on your bag rip, or the bottom falls out, they’re going to get a little angry and frustrated. If your company logo’s right on the side of your bag, they have an added reminder of a negative experience with your company.

Make sure you have only sturdy bags that support the full weight of goods customers may purchase from you.

  1. No Environmentally-Friendly Tote Bag Option

Believe it or not, not every company has those environmentally friendly tote bags you’ve seen before. Customers just love these bags and doing their part to care for the environment. Plus, they’re super-sturdy, so they never have to worry about spilling all their goods all over the ground.

For your business, they make complete sense because they give you long-term savings because you don’t have to pay to make plastic or paper bags again and again. Plus, you’re doing your part to help the environment too.

  1. Poorly Staffed Checkout Lanes

Customers see the fact that you bag their purchase for them as a huge bonus. Not only do they frequent your store for what they can buy, but they come for the service too. They don’t want to be at your store any longer than they have to because they want to get on with their day. So remember to make that easy and possible for them.

This sounds so simple, but not every retailer does it.

  1. Not Carrying Your Customer’s Bag to Their Car

This one you can cut yourself a bit of a break on. That’s because many, perhaps most, stores don’t do this. However, that does mean if you can find a way to execute it logistically, you have a nice competitive edge on other companies. Plus, customers might be willing to pay a little bit more for your products.

Many, perhaps all, of these things sound so basic. But remember, most companies have difficulty pulling them off at scale. By doing so yourself, and to a consistently high level, you can create a seamless shopping experience that sets you apart from all your competitors.