4 Retail Packaging Design Mistakes: 2020 Holiday Edition

Nearly every mistake in every aspect of business has already been made.

So, why make mistakes yourself when you could instead learn from someone else who already has?

You’re borrowing from their experience.

So, here’s what to avoid this holiday season so you don’t cost yourself all sorts of sales:

1. Not Telling Your Customer What Your Product Is

Much thinking and preparation goes into packaging. With so many aspects involved, it’s easy to lose focus on one simple but important one: showing your customer what your product actually is.

Believe it or not, this actually did happen.

We won’t share the small company’s name because we don’t want to hurt their reputation any more than they already did themselves.

But basically, they packaged their product in such a confusing way that you couldn’t tell if it was a juice or a cleaning solution.

…Not a joke.

Imagine a customer taking a sip of your newest cleaning solution, and the lawsuit that would result!

2. Wasted Packaging

‘Tis the season to be jolly…

But, your customers won’t be so jolly if they see you packaging your product inefficiently, which they infer will harm the environment.

And the bigger your company, the higher consumer expectations are for you to have sustainable packaging practices.

So, make sure you give your packaging a review for this and clearly explain directly on it exactly what makes your package environmentally friendly.

3. Forgetting Your Number One Customer

You have the sales volume you do for a reason. Any change in your packaging could lead to a dramatic impact on your sales.

Now, that effect could go either way.

But, if you’re planning a major overhaul to your packaging, make sure you understand who your customers are and what they want.

Don’t sit in your office and have a behind-the-doors meeting with your in-house packaging team (or the one you’ve hired).

Instead, make sure you research your market first so you know exactly what they want to see from your packaging.

4. Packaging You Can’t Open

Can you remember when you were so excited to either get a certain gift, or maybe your favorite food from the store, only to have to engage in a small-scale war with the packaging?

Packaging that’s difficult to open is the number one complaint of every customer.

So, make sure you test your packaging.

If possible, make it easy to open without the use of any tools, and even basic tools, like scissors.

Did any of those pop out at you? Have you lost focus and possibly forgotten about any of these mistakes?

It’s never bad to have your mind thinking about your packaging. And now you know some of the more important considerations.