4 Shining Examples of Winter Wellness Programs that Work

80-90% of what you try at your business doesn’t work. But the 10-20% that does makes up for the things that don’t many times over.

That’s just how business…well…works!

But rather than re-inventing everything with your winter wellness program from scratch, learn from these examples that do work at other companies:

1. On-site fitness centers

Okay…we get it…you may or may not be able to afford the 72,000 square foot on-site fitness center Oklahoma City-based Chesapeake Energy has.

But you could easily offer to pay for health club memberships for your employees.

The center offers a pool, rock climbing wall, and here’s the real key: access to personal trainers.

Chesapeake Energy also gives employees cash incentives for employee participation, as well as for meeting their own goals they set.

If you can’t afford millions for your own fitness center, how can you make it easy for your employees to stay in physical shape and support that with tangible mechanisms?

2. On-site massage therapy

Google’s consistently ranked as one of the best places to work in the entire world. Just one of the many wellness strategies they employ is on-site massage therapy in their offices.

Think about how much stress your team members endure throughout the year. Every little bit wears you down, taking away productive energy and souring your mood more.

So, up your employees’ energy with a relaxing massage. And watch your productivity, absenteeism rate, and profitability soar!

3. On-site yoga classes

Yoga is another effective stress-buster. Many companies use their conference rooms to conduct yoga classes.

Vancouver-based Mobify has a bit of an edge on other companies: employees do yoga on the company’s rooftop, which offers stunning views of the nearby Pacific Ocean and mountains.

You may or may not be able to offer great views. But you can certainly make yoga and meditation available to your employees.

4. Offer 90-minute wellness lunch breaks

Yes. You read that right: 90 minutes for lunch!

IP communications company Bandwidth, a $1.62 billion company, offers its employees 90-minute “Fitness Lunches” to do with as they wish.

They can head home for a healthy and relaxing lunch, or go to the gym and play their favorite sport.

Google offers catered lunches and snacks to their team members.

You have a lot of flexibility. Make sure to let your employees help design how this extended lunch break works!

Yeah. You have a lot of options when it comes to employee wellness. So make sure you work closely with your employees to design one that they’ll participate in at high rates.