4 Signs It’s Time to Find a New Janitorial Service

Unfortunately, not every business relationship goes smoothly. That leaves you in a bind: do you stick with the current vendor, saving yourself the time and frustration of finding another who may not make you any happier? Or, do you take the plunge and hopefully establish a relationship with a company who does a fantastic job?

Every vendor has imperfections. But, which should you, and should you not, tolerate?

Check out these signs so you know when it’s time to consider parting ways:

  • Major Security Issues Happen

    Once in a while, your janitor makes a mistake. They forget to set your security system. Or, they leave your doors unlocked.Not the end of the world if it happens once. But you have to consider making a change if this happens multiple times.
  • You Experience a Pattern of No Follow-Through

    Your janitorial service forgets to clean your bathrooms. You call them and tell them about it. They happily listen, apologize for the inconvenience, and promise they’ll take care of it as soon as possible.A week later, you realize your bathroom still hasn’t been cleaned. Now, your janitorial service is starting to cross the line.You don’t know where the problem’s happening. Does customer service not relay the issue? Is your account manager ignoring your message? Does the company have a problem employee?
    That’s not on you. So, this is the point where you consider finding a different janitorial service.
  • Too Much Turnover

    Employees come and go. Change happens. However, it becomes an issue when it’s too much for your comfort. Internal inconsistency at a particular vendor is a sign of a poorly run business.Again, you don’t know where the real issue lies. But with too much internal turmoil, your company is put at risk. If you don’t already have problems with your janitorial service, you eventually will.
  • You Feel the Need to Use Your Contract to Argue Your Case

    Contracts are written to remind you of the working relationship between you and your janitorial service. Typically, businesses use them to protect themselves from unreasonable customers.Even if you sign a contract, you shouldn’t feel the need to read every letter and confront your service provider with their own contract. Good janitorial services offer such stellar service that the contract should never have to come into play.If you feel you have to do this, you’ve likely signed a contract designed as a trap.

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