4 Tips for Choosing Packaging Materials that Maximize Product Safety

Shipping products is the way of today’s world. As more customers rely on Ecommerce as an option, it’s becoming an increasingly essential offering for retailers. One important consideration when starting up the Ecommerce side of your business is what to use for packaging material. It may seem simple, but there’s a surprising variety of materials available for filling up the packaging space and protecting your products. Here are a few tips for choosing the right packaging materials for your business. 

Consider the Product’s Needs

Some products can withstand any amount of moving around in the packaging in transit, while others need additional layers of protection. Here are a few factors to consider in terms of each product’s needs:

  • Is the product delicate or fragile?
  • Is the product sensitive to temperature?
  • Is the product likely to warp if not held together?
  • Should you use tamper-evident seals?
  • Would anti-static packaging materials help?

Conduct Thorough Research

Once you’ve determined what kinds of packaging material your product needs, you will enter the research phase. Explore various materials, and consider how suitable they can be. Ideally, you’ll be able to use one type of material for multiple products. Look for factors like durability, impact resistance and ability to withstand the elements. When you find products that could work, research the brands to make sure they’re considered reliable. 

Opt for Sustainable Materials

Products that are recyclable or made from renewable materials can protect your products while reducing your impact on the environment. These options often use less waste than the alternatives, and it takes less of them to keep your products safe. Sustainable materials have the added benefit of showcasing your commitment to sustainability. 

Seek Outside Opinions

If you’re still unsure if you’ve found the right products for your business, consider consulting packaging experts like the team at Pollock Orora. Find a company that specializes in your industry or type of product. 

Another resource to consider is others within your industry. You can often find online forums and social media groups, as well as in-person networking groups, of people who have already gone through trial and error to find the best solutions. 

Now that you have done your research on packaging materials, you may find that you have more questions. The experts at Pollock Orora are here to help you find the perfect packaging materials. Contact us today to learn more.