4 Tips for Schools Purchasing Janitorial and Sanitation Products

Spring means the big purchasing run and prep for the beginning of the school year in fall. Have you recently considered some of the ins and outs of purchasing chemical supplies, and many other janitorial products?

Keep these four things in mind as you do this spring:

VOCs in Chemical Cleaners Can Lead to Health Problems for Your Students

You may consider going 100% green with all your janitorial cleaners. That’s up to you. You may think about this because the volatile organic compounds from chemical cleaners can lead to serious health risks like asthma, respiratory infections, fatigue, nausea, and dizziness.

Using green cleaning products reduces student and faculty absences. That means your children can get a better education. And you can save money by using fewer cleaning products.

Audit Who Currently Uses Cleaning Chemicals, and Why

Your school’s cleaning team likely isn’t the only group using cleaning chemicals. Teachers and cafeteria staff might too. Not only could this lead to the emission of more chemicals in your school, but it’s money you could be wasting also.

An audit can lead to better purchasing efficiency and control of the types of cleaning products that enter your school.

You’ll Make Teaching Simpler for Your Staff

The NPD Group released a report in 2015 which surveyed 1,000 teachers from across the nation and revealed 74% purchase “janitorial, sanitation, and breakroom products” with at least some of their own money.

Do you really want your teachers to spend their time and money doing that? You hired your teachers to improve your student’s education. So, take the time to find out if this happens at your school. You’ll improve your student’s educational outcomes and have happier teachers when you relieve this problem.

Could Cooperative Purchasing Help You and Another School Out?

Yes, it’s complicated to form partnerships with other schools and local organizations. But, it could be a way to buy more efficiently. For example, you could increase the size of your order, which can help you negotiate lower purchasing prices. With tight budgets an issue at many schools, this could be a way for you to make your budget go farther.

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