4 Ways to Beat Your Competitor’s Customer Service

The big companies in your space have resources you don’t and can execute in ways you can’t.

But, you have a leg up in many ways too.

So, here’s how you can sneak up on your competitors and win over more customers (possibly even some of theirs) with your customer service team:

1. Don’t Panic If Your Technique Doesn’t Scale

Scaling feels good because you know more revenue is coming in. You can feel more zeroes lining up.

But, even though you’re wise to scale your customer service processes as much as possible, don’t lose sleep if some of your techniques don’t scale.

For example, say you have a customer who needs a small project change done. They say not to worry about it until tomorrow.

Instead, blow them away by taking care of it now.

Scalable? No.

Does it make for a great impression and build a relationship that lasts and spreads your name to more customers?


Think of how many large companies in your space will do the same. Are there any?

2. Give More Information Than Your Competitors

Say you’re working on a large project for your customer. You have an agreed-upon deadline.

Most companies won’t communicate much until the deadline appears.

So, you can easily stand out, build a ton of trust, and reduce a lot of stress by sending a weekly email of exactly what you worked on.

Also show what you will work on in the week ahead.

Make sure to add info about what you expect the project’s completion date to be.

3. Only Offer Customer Service Where You Can Do It Well

If you really want to nail customer service, many companies recommend you do it through as many channels as possible.

After all, your customers will be on many different social media channels. They may prefer a chat bot.

Or they might want extended hours by phone.

It’s easy to trap yourself into trying to cover more channels than you really can. And that leads to lower quality customer service.

So, you have to draw your own line in the sand. What channels can you truly ace and provide memorable customer service on?

Stick to those. And don’t add more until you know you can master them.

4. Master Customer Self-Service

Even though live human connection can be a great way to stand out, many of your customers still prefer a fast experience.

They may have just a little yes/no question that takes only a few seconds to answer.

So, make that answer simple for them to get. Have an online customer service center complete with both videos and written content to answer many of the common questions you get.

Make sure you use the exact language your customers use so they can easily search your site and get their answer.

You’ll also have to review the content after every 6-12 months to make sure it’s up-to-date.

Yes. You can beat your competition. And it doesn’t take massive effort. Simply review what they do (maybe become a customer yourself). Then do what they can’t.

And watch your customers, and your bottom line, thank you for it!