5 Benefits of Automating Commercial Cleaning Tasks

Commercial cleaning has traditionally been a labor intensive job. While it still requires a certain amount of elbow grease, recent technological advances have made working in cleaning and sanitation easier. From sensors in trash cans to autonomous floor cleaners, new technology has helped cleaning crews in many ways. Here are some of the main benefits of automation in commercial cleaning.


Improves quality of life

Cleaning automation typically has the goal of making work safer and easier for cleaning crew members. For example, sensors on trash cans can help ensure that only trash cans that need to be emptied are checked and emptied out. Automated dilution systems can ensure that co-workers use the correct amount of cleaning solution, which means less repetition of tasks, safer use of chemicals and less waste. 


More consistency in cleaning

A human generally will not perform a task the exact same way two different times. However, an automated cleaning system, used properly, will repeat a task with precision every time. This allows co-workers to clean with consistency. Having the tools to do good work will give them more pride in their work while making them more productive.


Fewer repeat cleaning jobs

In many cases, when a cleaning job goes wrong, it means starting over. It can even mean doing additional work beyond a repeat cleaning. However, with the help of automated systems, co-workers can avoid factors that cause human error, like estimating chemical amounts by sight or being tired toward the end of a long shift.


Makes cleaning tasks safer 

Many workplace injuries occur when performing repetitive tasks like vacuuming and mopping. Autonomous cleaning equipment can reduce these injuries. Automatic floor scrubbers, for example, clean floors efficiently, using the proper amount of solution, and remove the risk of slippery or sticky floors that can lead to slip and fall accidents. They’re also equipped with technology that prevents them from running into walls or other obstacles. 


Better cleaning results

Once you get the hang of setting up your automated cleaning equipment, it can work alongside your cleaning crew to create an optimal cleaning solution for your facility. Automated systems can assist the co-workers in different areas, while the co-workers themselves can take on the tasks that require more of a human touch. 


Technology can make commercial cleaning safer, more efficient and easier on co-workers when used correctly. Looking for automated cleaning tools for your company? Pollock Orora can help. Contact us today to learn more.