5 Benefits of the Right Packaging for Your Products

Do you have custom-designed packages for your products?

You may not have considered why you would do this. Although, the fact you’re reading this article means you have some curiosity on the topic.

So why would you create custom packaging? Here’s why:

1. Reduce Material Costs

You know you have to operate on slim margins to stay competitive. Custom packaging fits your product perfectly. That means lower costs, which means more money available to grow your company in other ways.

2. Reduced Shipping Costs

Dimensional weight shipping is a fair approach to carriers moving your product around the country. By comfortably fitting the greatest volume in the least space, you get the best shipping costs. And that’s something no retailer can argue with.

3. Get Your Product Noticed

Every market segment likes a certain feel to the product they want to buy. Hit that feel spot-on, and you make it easy to keep your product flying off the shelves.

For example, have you seen Duluth Trading Company commercials? They absolutely rock their connection with men and women who work blue-collar jobs:

Your packaging needs to have that same effect. And it isn’t always easy to do.

4. Reduce Refunds

Ever had it happen where you bought a new product, and the handles broke? Then your product gets damaged and you need to take what you just bought for a return.

Or if you didn’t do that, you made the conscious decision to not return to that retailer.

It happens. And even some nationally-known retailers consistently have this problem.

Custom packaging puts an end to the wasted time and money this causes.

5. Improve Logistical Efficiency

Yes, you can design your custom packaging to fit as efficiently as possible in a semi-trailer.

This reduces the number of trips you need to make. You use less gas transporting your goods.

And once again, you have more money available to make other investments.

Once you understand all these benefits to custom packaging, it’s hard to justify doing anything else. Keep them in the back of your head as your company moves forward.