5 Easy-to-Implement Valentine’s Day Retail Sales Strategies

Let’s be honest: most men wait until the last minute to do Valentine’s Day shopping for their sweethearts. On a rare occasion, you get one who thinks ahead and takes care of everything in a planned manner. But, that’s not the norm.

So, you have to cater to this procrastinating crowd who wants things simple and easy. Here are some ideas to boost your upcoming Valentine’s Day sales:

  • Create Gift Kits and Bundles

With a bundle, a man can simply go and purchase the bundle, and then get a card. They’re in, they’re out, and their wife stays happy. That’s what they want.

So, create kits and bundles. They also give you the opportunity to wholesale one or more items and increase your margins. And since you’re offering a bit of convenience, you may also be able to boost your margins even further.

It’s a win-win.

  • Offer Creative Options

Men want as little difficulty as possible as they choose their gifts. Women love surprises.

So why not take the afore-mentioned bundles and kits and offer creative options with these?

How about an indoor-picnic type gift basket loaded with cheese, olives, crackers, wine, and a bouquet of flowers?

You’ll have to strategize your own gift sets. But, this gets you going in the right direction.

  • Have Your Employees Randomly Nominate Memorable Customers for Special Gifts

Don’t necessarily reward your customer based on what they spend. That doesn’t build strong rapport.

Instead, give your employees the ability to reward customers for a reason they find appropriate. This could be that a certain customer stayed patient as your company made mistakes. Or it could be a customer who was just really exciting to work with. And it could be one going through a hard time.

Make sure your customers know you’re doing this promotion. And then, be doubly sure you promote the stories that result to build interest.

  • Have Your Customers Vote For a Local Charity to Support

You can do this with any holiday, including Valentine’s. Facebook makes it easy to create polls.

So make one with some options for your followers to vote on. Then, as before, make sure you share photos or videos from the event when you actually make the donation. And also share how the donation will be used at the organization.

  • Hold a Customer Appreciation Party

You can take all sorts of creative approaches with your party. If you’re a grocer, offer free food and drinks. After all, isn’t the way to a man’s heart through his stomach?

And of course, share photos and videos of the event so your customers gain interest.

No matter what your store’s sales happen to look like, you’ll send them even higher when you implement these tips.