5 Green Solutions Your Business Can Implement Today

Most businesses make a point to advertise they are at least somewhat environmentally conscious. Other businesses have dedicated a huge amount of energy toward saving the planet. Pollock Orora offers several environmentally conscious products and green solutions for our customers that do not take excessive planning to implement.

The Global Sustainability Study 2021 shows at least 33% of consumers are far more interested in energy-conscious products and are willing to pay more to “go green” while shopping, either by shopping at a business selling environmentally-friendly products, or shopping at a business touting its energy-saving processes to produce the perfect goods. To help meet this continuing need, read further to learn about 5 simple green solutions for your business.

Perform an energy audit

Most electric companies are pleased to offer energy audits at no charge or a minimal charge to determine how you can save money on your bill. Larger companies may employ a third-party vendor to perform the audit.

This audit will prove where energy waste can be managed, such as lack of insulation above ceiling tiles or open refrigerated compartments in a food storage display.

At the conclusion of the audit, the auditor recommends cost-saving changes, such as switching out incandescent bulbs for motion-detecting LED lights, adding or adding to insulation, purchasing a more energy efficient HVAC system better suited for your business needs, et cetera. The mere act of advertising you have been through a successful energy audit shows your customers you are working toward a more sustainable future.

Make it a joint effort

If your co-workers are forced to change routines to more eco-friendly habits, they are much less likely to follow through. Instead, involve co-workers in the process by asking how their contributions can positively affect both the environment and customer perception. Kick off the celebration by presenting every co-worker with a reusable water bottle replete with your company’s logo. This small gesture shows your commitment as it showcases your brand.

As a team, you are more likely to be able to tackle larger projects, from recycling toner to recycling copiers.

Start with your accounting system and begin paying bills and sending invoices online. In the cafeteria, food prep area, or break room, replace the Styrofoam containers and plastic forks with inexpensive plates and cutlery. Work through each department and ask co-workers for ideas on saving money.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates every citizen in the United States generates approximately 4.5 pounds of solid waste a day, or 267.8 million tons of solid waste transported to a solid waste facility. How much of that is recyclable? How much was one-use plastic? A huge amount of waste is generated simply through habit: it may be a co-worker who always stops by the coffee shop and brings in a non-reusable container every morning, or a co-worker who drives a car ½ a mile away for lunch. Suggest a more energy efficient solution, and incentivize the results. Another easy fix: buy in bulk to save both money and small containers that end up in landfills.

Packaging for customer use

Plastic bags are cheap and convenient. They are also an environmental nightmare. Switch to reusable bags or paper bags for your in-store customers, and eco-friendly packaging for your online customers. If you do use plastic bags, look into recycled plastic shopping bags (rPETs) manufactured from recycled plastic bottles or other industrial plastics.

Go digital

From advertising and marketing to relying on a cloud platform to generate, share, and store ideas, using a computer rather than paper saves time, resources, and reduces a huge amount of clutter.

Advertising on social media is significantly more effective than print ads, and the sheer amount of paper saved from marketing online rather than printing slick brochures and pamphlets can save a small forest.

Cloud storage acts as a permanent filing cabinet without paper that anyone on your team can access. A recent study of data centers showed energy conservation of 38% in companies using cloud computing. Even better, all co-workers have ready access to files without the need of running off a dozen copies every time information is disseminated. Changes to documents are simple, and all co-workers access those changes immediately.

Purchase green products

Prove you are willing to invest in the future by purchasing green products for cleaning your office, recycled paper for printing, and locally-grown produce for your kitchen.

Pollock Orora has a huge array of ecologically-friendly products and green solutions for your business, regardless of its size. Call us today at 800 843-7320 or contact us at info@pollock.com.