5 Ideas For a More Sustainable Retail Experience

Sustainability is more than a buzzword in retail spaces. It’s an expectation from customers — and not just the youngest ones. Consumers of all ages, from baby boomers to Gen Z, are willing to spend more on sustainable products. No matter what you sell at your retail location, you can create a more sustainable shopping experience. Here are a few ways to make your store more sustainable. 


Go Paperless

Running a business is going to involve printed materials. In a retail store, you need signage. You need printed prices placed on or near your products. You need some amount of print materials to make the business run. However, you can find ways to rely on paper less. Digitize and automate your inventory systems, and invest in a POS system that doesn’t automatically print receipts. There are always ways to use less paper, and they will all save you money in the long run. 


Find Eco-Friendly Bags

“Paper or plastic?” Plastic bags are one of the most difficult items to recycle, and they’re becoming easier to avoid altogether. Paper bags are as durable as plastic for most items, and they can be recycled, recyclable or both! They’re also easier to customize. Who doesn’t love a handwritten “thank you” note on their bag from their favorite restaurant or retailer? 


Use Less Packaging

One easy way to be more sustainable is to cut down on the amount of packaging your business uses. This is easier if you create and package your own products, but it’s also something to consider when fulfilling orders or selling pre-packaged products. If you package products yourself, consider ways that you can use less material while still keeping the product protected. This could mean getting custom sized boxes to use less cardboard or avoiding overdoing it with packaging materials.


Switch to Green Cleaning

Green cleaning creates a more environmentally friendly shopping experience and, in many cases, a healthier one. Conventional cleaning products leave harmful chemicals in the air, especially in public bathrooms. Green cleaning products are made to be better for the environment and less harmful to the people using them, as well as customers and co-workers. 


Encourage Customer Participation

Ask if your customers want bags, rather than making bagging an automatic part of the customer journey. Some customers may have their own bags, and they may have forgotten to hand them over. Place recycle bins around the store for things like cans and plastic cups, clearly labeled as far as what goes where. The more customers feel involved in making the world a better place, the more connected they will be to the shopping experience. 


One of the best ways to enhance your retail experience is to make it sustainable. If you’re looking for ways to make your business more sustainable, give Pollock Orora a call at 972-263-2126 or reach out online.