5 Tips for Cleaning a Commercial Bathroom Floor

Whether your commercial bathroom is in a high-traffic restaurant, a school or an office building, keeping it clean needs to be on the daily to-do list. For most businesses, this involves cleaning the entire floor at least once a week. This is one of those jobs that only gets harder and less safe when it’s done halfway. Here are some of our tips for cleaning a commercial bathroom floor the right way. 

Use the Right Equipment for Your Business

Start by getting the best mop for your budget. If you’re pinching pennies but still want a top quality product, consider buying a refurbished model. Keep in mind that microfiber mops tend to work better than conventional cloth, absorbing more and using less cleaning product than the alternative. 

You also want to make sure to buy an easy-to-use cleaning trolley with ample storage space for all your cleaning supplies. The easier it is for your cleaning co-workers to do their jobs, the better they’ll do. 

Establish Clear Guidelines and Schedules

When you create a schedule for your cleaning co-workers, make sure floor care is part of the cleaning routine. Set up clear guidelines for what a clean floor should look like and how much time you expect each co-worker to spend on the task. 

Clean from Back to Front 

This is a basic rule of cleaning in general, but cleaning back to front has real benefits. It helps your co-worker avoid cross contamination, making the job easier and more efficient. Nothing will hold up a cleaning task like having to redo it. 

Remove the Dry Dirt First

Just like you would do at home, make sure your co-workers sweep before they mop. One of the best products to use is a microfiber dust mop, which will pick up a significant amount of dirt and leave less cleaning for the mop to do. Skipping this step can lead to mud streaks across the floor, which defeats the purpose of the exercise. 

Display Signage After Cleaning

As much as you may wish they would, co-workers can’t always avoid the bathroom after it’s been cleaned. Putting up signage after cleaning may deter co-workers from entering, therefore keeping the bathroom floor cleaner for longer. Or, if they really need to go, they will be safer if they enter and encounter a wet floor. 

When it comes to commercial cleaning, bathroom floors should be high on the priority list. If you need help creating a commercial cleaning plan or finding the best commercial cleaning products, give Pollock Orora a call at 972-263-2126 or reach out online.