5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Takeout Packaging

When you work in the food industry, it quickly becomes apparent that food packaging is not one size fits all. You need to have packaging that makes sense for your food, your customers and the way you operate your business. You might be able to get away with generic packaging, or you may need something fully customized to keep customers coming back. Here are some tips for picking the perfect take out packaging. 


Look for eco-friendly packaging alternatives.

Concern about the environment has become more mainstream in recent years. Keep in mind that some places now have laws prohibiting chemicals like PFAS in packaging. Takeout packaging can be created in a more sustainable way, with better materials or more efficient use of them. It can also have characteristics like being compostable or biodegradable. 


Consider temperature control for food safety and storage.

Food safety should be one of your first considerations when it comes to packaging. You need to keep hot food hot and cold food cold. You also need to consider how your customers will be using the takeout containers. How will the packaging hold up in the microwave or freezer? Is there an oven-safe option, and would that be beneficial for your business? Keep all of these factors in mind when selecting takeout containers.


If your product can leak, make sure the containers are leak-proof.

Greasy, oily or saucy food can leak if it’s in the wrong packaging. This can cause serious frustration for customers and delivery drivers. Look for containers that can be fully sealed for food that has any risk of leaking. Some types of food, like soups and sauces, require specialized packaging that’s fully leak-proof. 


Find packaging that’s cost-effective for your business. 

Rather than immediately seeking out the cheapest option, consider your clientele. Will they be disappointed if the packaging doesn’t meet their high expectations? Or do you operate with low margins and have customers who are happy with anything that secures their food? Pick packaging that’s affordable for you and makes sense for your customers.


Add your branding to make it stand out. 

How you brand your packaging may depend on the nature of your business. For smaller mom-and-pop establishments, stamped packaging with handwritten notes does the trick. However, if you’re in a competitive food market, you’ll want packaging that incorporates your brand and speaks your customers’ language. The branding on your packaging can include colors, logos or even sales tools like QR codes


Even if you have a full-service restaurant, your takeout packaging says a lot about your business. At Pollock Orora, we offer a variety of packaging options for businesses of all kinds, including restaurants. Contact us today to learn more.