5 Tips to Designing the Best Retail Shopping Bag

ThinkstockPhotos-463633547Do you ever think about the “little things” at your business?

It’s hard. You have a lot to deal with at any given time.

But every interaction with your customers counts. Your shopping bags are an often-forgotten opportunity to build relationships with your customers.

If you haven’t thought about them, you’re missing out on your chance to be new, get attention, and possibly earn some referral sales.

Here’s five ideas for designing retail shopping bags that help you win more business:

  1. Communicate Your Value

You always want to show your customers what’s in it for them. This can be as simple as stating a big, clear message on your bag. Or the design itself could show this too.

The second requires some creativity and is harder to pull off. But it can be done with inspiration.

  1. Make Your Design Big and Colorful

Most shopping bag designs are stale and lifeless. So it’s easy to notice yours when you make it big and colorful.

Don’t give in to the temptation to make your company name and logo the most prominent features. Focus on an attractive design that communicates the benefits of what you do.

  1. Observe Your Competitors, and Do Anything But What They Do

In any aspect of business, there’s a “herd mentality.” Most businesses will do the exact same thing, or nearly so.

Take smartphone photos of your competitor’s shopping bags. You’ll notice many fall into a certain range.

Observe what the general trend is. Do something way different. It’s the best way to market yourself.

  1. Make Sure It’s Sturdy Enough to Hold Your Products

As obvious as it sounds, make sure your bag’s handles don’t rip off when customers fill your bags. You could invest a lot of money into design, only to find customers get angry when your bag falls apart.

And how often do you still have this happen to you today?

Plus, your customers won’t keep a bag that falls apart. So instead of more advertising opportunity, your bag would go in the trash.

  1. Consider Printing a Special Offer on the Side

Can you think of another retailer who’s done anything like this? If your bag has a beautiful design, and it’s sturdily built, your customers are more likely to keep it for a long time.

If you notify customers of a sale, one bag could come into contact with several potential customers. And it could be the first time some of them get into your store.

Referral marketing at its finest, right?

Need Some Inspiration? We Have 40 Examples for You!

Describing what your bags need to do helps. But pictures help a ton too. So we close today with a super-helpful link that shows you 40 inspiring shopping bag designs from around the world.

It’ll be hard for your customers to say “no” to innovative designs like these!