5 Top 2017 E-Commerce Trends

What are consumers doing online? What do they struggle with? What do they like?

You know e-commerce changes rapidly. So what are consumers thinking right now?

Find out some of the strongest e-commerce trends below:

  • Missed Mobile Sales May Be Your Greatest Opportunity

Is your website optimized for mobile users? As you know, they account for most traffic and online browsing. Wolfgang Digital found about 59% of all sessions on e-commerce sites happen through mobile devices.

They analyzed more than 80 million website sessions and $299.64 million in revenue to make their findings.

…And even though mobile accounts for most traffic, it makes up just 38% of revenue. This trend actually grew as the cost of the purchase increased.

Wolfgang Digital found that truly, people do their research on smartphones and make their purchases on desktop. So, you must provide an experience that keeps them engaged across multiple devices.

  • Special Day Discounts Are Coming to An End

Big holidays like Black Friday or Cyber Monday are actually coming to an end. So many discounts are available that consumers are used to always having a way to save.

So, just a single day is no longer enough. Shoppers are beginning to expect you to have sales available for a whole month (Cyber November, for example).

  • Personalization of the Shopping Experience

Will this trend ever stop being a trend? Personalization is hard to do because it requires an intimate understanding of your customers and how they shop.

At a very simple level, your website might have a “People who bought this also bought…” once they add an item to their shopping cart. Depending on your business, you might also personalize based on geography, market trends, or your shopper’s demographic.

  • Same-Day Delivery

Amazon has deliveries down to 2 days. But they don’t have it down to same-day delivery (yet).

How fast can you deliver to your customer? You shouldn’t rest until you can do it same-day.

  • Do You Integrate AI into Your Marketing?

Have you ever seen those ads that “follow” you around the web? Have you ever noticed where you see the same one for a product you already purchased?

AI may put an end to that this year. With AI integrated into your marketing, your e-commerce site will learn exactly what makes each customer type tick. Then, they’ll get a message that resonates with them perfectly.

There’s many more trends than these. But we’re confident these will play a big role in e-commerce in 2017 and beyond.

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