5 Ways Stock Boxes Benefit Companies

Pollock Orora specializes in custom packaging, but realizes stock packaging is essential for many businesses. Stock boxes prove beneficial in so many ways, and Pollock Orora presents 5 of the reasons your company can benefit from its use.


Stock packaging is frequently mass-produced since it limits size and variety. Many of the sizes are industry standard, such as a box for copy paper or a case for canned goods. Because these sizes are standard, it would not be financially feasible to order these as custom boxes if these are the products you ship or the sizes of boxes your company requires.

With no overhead placed on the planning, product mock-up, implementation, and customer service, which are usually integral components of creating a custom box, stock boxes are much more economical. Likewise, many box manufacturers charge a fee for a first run of custom boxes. This fee is generally significantly higher than ordering the boxes afterward, but if your company only wants a short-run product, it may be more feasible to use attractive adhesive lettering on more standardized sizes.

Product use

If you ship products to your merchants and your merchants immediately open the boxes to display the goods, it is not advantageous to use a custom box. For instance, a box containing clothing to display in a department store does not require a custom box.

If your products fit snugly and securely in a stock box without shifting, they normally do not need a custom box, especially if the box is not shipped to the end user.

Time and space

It takes more time to generate and send an order of custom boxes than it does stock packaging, which is usually in stock and ready to ship at a moment’s notice.

Look at your warehouse or the storage area you have for your business. Do you have enough room to store a year’s worth of boxes, even if they are folded? Another advantage of stock boxes is they save space in your warehouse because you can order them quickly and have a much smaller supply on hand to last throughout the month rather than the year. By utilizing the storage capacity of the box manufacturer, you save a tremendous amount of storage space.


Shipping to a residence can be dangerous. Many recorded instances of vandalism and robbery are running rampant across the internet of petty thieves snatching packages left at a customer’s doorstep because of the flashy insignia on the exterior. Many companies choose to customize the interior packaging while the exterior box is stock.

Quality still matters

Your customers are your number one concern, and stock boxes may be the only packaging necessary to send your products out into the world. Pollock Orora offers over 1000 standard choices of corrugated cardboard stock boxes in single-wall or double-wall varieties.

Boxes are manufactured to meet specific parameters, such as bursting strength and stacking strength.
• Bursting strength refers to the amount of external force applied to a box per square inch before it collapses. Boxes can be rated for a bursting strength of 200, 275, or 500 pounds.
• 32 ECT (Edge Crush Test) accounts for stacking strength. A box rated at 32 ECT can withstand a weight of 32 pounds per square inch on its surface when it is stacked on end. Most boxes are rated 32, 40, or 44 ECT. If your boxes will be shipped on a pallet, ECT strength should be your point of reference.

The boxes Pollock Orora creates and ships are designed to be sturdy. These boxes can be used numerous times rather than tossed away after one use. This practice leads to less waste. If your box is no longer usable because of cutting too deep with a box opener, for instance, it is 100% recyclable, which means it is still not landfill fodder.

Remember, if your product does not fit into one of the 1200 choices of stock boxes Pollock Orora has on hand, we will gladly create a custom box for you. Visit our website to learn more about our stock boxes inventory or call 800 843-7320. We look forward to solving your shipping problems.