5 Ways to Keep Retail Employees Motivated

Have you ever tried to motivate your co-workers using every last tactic imaginable, only to find yourself getting nowhere except confused and frustrated? 

Motivating co-workers isn’t as simple as telling them “do this or you’re fired” or filling them up with all sorts of sentimental compliments. Those things have their place. But truthfully, it’s not that easy to motivate your co-workers. 

Motivated Employees

This is largely because people find different things motivating. It’s just like approaching a serious problem at your business. You know it has a solution, but you don’t know what the solution is. You have to try out many approaches until you find one that works. You might even find several that work, and it turns out that one works way better than the others. 

So it can be when trying to motivate your co-workers. Let’s get right down to the nitty-gritty so you can get your team to provide maximum value to your company: 

  • Have a Conversation

It is not up to you to figure out what motivates others. They already know, so the first step is to talk to them about what motivates them most. 

Sure, handing out bonuses is great. But believe it or not, bonuses don’t motivate everyone. Some people would rather get behind a company with an amazing mission. 

They might like bonuses too. However, the point is they might find something else much more motivating. So have a chat with them so you learn what that is. 

  • Luxury

What’s so great about luxury? It makes you feel distinct and important. Your top performing co-worker may want a gift certificate to one of the finest restaurants in town. 

Maybe they want to go to one of the top resorts in the area. Or maybe they want courtside tickets to the big game. You get the point. 

Don’t guess. Tell them you want to reward them. Give them some ideas. And then give them the luxury reward that matters most. 

  • Time Off

Time is something you can never get back. What’s more precious than that? Give your co-workers days off so that they come back fresh, ready, and motivated. 

It actually seems like you’re losing by not having your co-workers present. But, truthfully, the time they have off results in much greater productivity when they get back to work. It more than pays for itself. 

  • Open Communication

Ever had a tyrannical boss who never listens and always insists on having it their way? We’ve all had that at one time or another. How did it affect your motivation? 

Clearly, the more you communicate by taking the time to listen, the more motivated your co-workers feel. They feel like you understand their problems and will take action to solve them. They also know you’re aware of what’s going on and have the information to put out any fires as they arise. 

Now that’s motivating. 

  • Encourage Growth 

One of the primary reasons for existing is to grow and learn. If you stifle that with bureaucracy and control, you also squash motivation. 

This could mean sending your co-workers to new training sessions. It may also mean building in rewards for innovations. The more you make growth a constant thing, the more motivation your co-workers feel at work. 

Motivating your co-workers shouldn’t be hard. And now that you have these five tips at your disposal, you’re practically guaranteed a highly motivated workplace. Need help getting started? Contact Pollock Orora today, and we’ll help you make SOLVED happen in your company