5 Ways to Keep Your Business Clean

Clean Modern Office Among the myriad changes COVID-19 has brought is a more-intense-than-ever focus on sanitation.

Fortunately, new COVID cases are finally on the decline.

However, this doesn’t mean you can relax on your cleaning standards.

What should you focus on to keep your building clean in 2022?

Start by focusing on these five areas:

  • Mindset Approach: Create a Top-Notch Team

Cleaning jobs aren’t necessarily the most sought after. But that doesn’t mean you have to simply give in, go through the motions, and just hire and fire bodies as they come and go.

Instead, make a declaration that your cleaning team matters to your company. Commit to making a difference.

After all, clean facilities make employees and customers happy. And that leads to improvements to your bottom line.

  • Invest in Your Team Members

Make sure you pay as well as possible so you hire the best employees available.

Treat them with respect and kindness. Praise them for work well done.

Give your team members time off when they need it so they feel fresh and ready to do their best.

You can make your cleaning team a high performer. Don’t worry if others don’t recognize this.

Do it simply because it makes you and your team feel proud to do your best.

This leads to better performance and improvements to your company’s bottom line.

  • Have the Right Supplies and Equipment

It’s not easy to always have the right cleaning supplies on hand.

And it can be challenging to have the most effective equipment available, depending on your budget.

But somehow, you still need to find a way to always have what you need and the best quality on hand.

Technology, though it looks different when it comes to cleaning, is just as important to this profession as it is to any other.

Pollock’s building service consultants can help you stay on top of both, and possibly reduce costs too.

  • Keep Your Standard Operating Procedures Up-to-Date

You may need to update your employee manual in print. You can also make it digital so everyone on your team can access it on their phone.

Whatever format you choose, you should keep standard operating procedures in place.

It’s not easy to do in addition to all your other cleaning tasks.

If you want your facilities to remain in top-notch condition, you must find a way to create and maintain your SOPs.

This might mean asking your team members to take on some additional tasks so you can spend more time on your SOPs.

Don’t worry too much about the time it takes. SOPs pay for themselves many times over.

Not only do things consistently get done right and with greater efficiency, but you get new employees up to speed much faster too.

And remember, Pollock can help you create customized systems that help you efficiently manage every aspect of your cleaning operations.

  • Don’t Forget About Air Quality

When you talk about cleanliness, what topic doesn’t come up?

Air quality!

And yet, it’s a critical part of your employees’ health.

Change your air filters and keep your air ducts clean.

Remember that you get a little efficiency boost too because clean ducts lead to less dust blown around your building… and less cleaning for your other team members!

It’s not easy to keep your entire building clean.

With these tips and methods in place, yours will stay in tip-top shape year round.

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