5 Ways to Make Your Business More Green

Green Energy Wind Turbines

Is your business really as green as it could be?

Everyone’s been making shifts to green up, help the environment, and cut operating costs.

But no one’s perfect.

And just like you innovate with every single one of your products and services, you’re wise to do the same when it comes to green business practices.

Here are five ways to jumpstart your thinking:

  • Consider a 4-day Workweek


Are we serious?


Think about all the environmental benefits of a 4-day work week.

Your employees don’t have to commute. They don’t use any of your office’s utilities or electronics for a full day.

Do they use their own instead?

Yes. But when employees have to use their own utilities and electronics, they’re more likely to use them efficiently because their money (not yours) is at stake.

You may also notice higher productivity because employees tend to get more done when working from home.

  • Donate Old Electronics

It’s easy just to toss out your old electronics. However, doing this can cause the earth harm.

Instead, you can donate them to a local thrift store so they can resell the equipment to those who need it.

You can also take your electronics to the recycling center.

Staples also takes old electronics. You can recycle them there for no additional cost. You can also trade devices into certain stores in exchange for gift cards.

If you have ink cartridges, you can get $2 back for each you recycle.

Pollock can help you identify unique green business practices like these that make you as environmentally friendly as possible.

  • Install LED Lighting

Consultants will frequently provide energy audits for interested businesses.

One of their top recommendations?

LED lighting practically always gets mentioned.

Rather than shucking up big for a consultant, save yourself some cash and simply make the change now.

Consider using natural lighting where possible, as this is another great way to save energy.

  • Use Green Cleaning Products

Do green cleaners come at a cost premium?

It’s not clear. If they do, it appears as though it’s a nominal cost, if there’s any additional cost at all.

Simply buy in bulk to score cost savings to keep the costs close to that of competing products.

Pollock can help you create a high-performance green cleaning program that keeps your costs in check.

  • Ask Your Team

You never know what creative green business practices could be swimming around in your employee’s minds.

Don’t feel like you need to come up with all these ideas on your own.

Ask your team members for their feedback.

You can even let them vote on the best ideas and then offer rewards to those who came up with the ideas everyone liked best!

What Green Business Practices Will You Use?

This list is by no means complete.

It’s more of a springboard to spur your own thinking.

So, after hearing these, will you choose some from the list or develop your own?

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