6 Essential Warehouse Safety Products

Smart as your employees and their managers might be, they’ll never be perfect.

And that’s where physical safety products come in and make a difference.

While even they can fail from time-to-time, they’re more consistent than a human mind which can tire, or just have a bad day, and suddenly experience a diminished ability to make decisions.

But what products should you actually invest in that you can count on to improve your warehouse’s safety?

Consider these can’t-miss winners:

1. Building Column Protectors

A hard hit from a forklift to one of your building columns can be a real problem, leading to expensive damage to your roof.

But not when you install building column protectors.

They come in plastic, vinyl, or even heavy-duty steel.

And they put a cease to your worries about damage to your building’s columns (or worse).

2. Beam Safety Bars

These safety bars connect two beams together.

These beams can be structural and load-bearing. Or they can be the ones on which you place your pallets.

The problem is that structural beams can slowly spread apart over time. And misplaced pallets can easily fall through two beams.

But when you install beam safety bars, you don’t have to think about these problems.

For pallets, install decking along with these safety bars for an added safety bonus.

3. Safety Netting

Ever have stored product fall and hurt one of your employees?

When you install safety netting, that problem goes away.

This protects both your employee and your product.

If you deal with lots of small packages or loose material on pallets, safety netting is a sound investment.

4. Pallet Stoppers

These devices keep a gap between the product on either side of your racking for protection in case of a fire.

If a fire happens, this allows heat and smoke to rise up and out of the area so the fire doesn’t spread any more than necessary.

And if you have a sprinkler system, this also creates space for the water to saturate all product so that it doesn’t get destroyed.

5. Upright Rack Guards

Just like your building column protectors, upright rack guards protect your storage racks from damage by a forklift.

They also provide additional rigidity and stability, which reduces the risk of your racks shaking and allowing product to fall.

They come in plastic, steel, and rubber. And they don’t protrude into your workspace.

So, your forklift drivers and employees don’t need to pay any attention to them at all.

6. Guard Rails

Usually, guard rails are used to separate employee foot traffic from forklifts.

But they can also be used in any other situation where you need to separate personnel, machinery, offices, walkways, and inventory from other areas of your warehouse.

This isn’t a complete list of safety products your warehouse may benefit from.

But it is a good start.

Which make most sense for your warehouse?