6 Solutions to Common Packaging Problems

“It’s the most amazing packaging we’ve ever seen!”

That’s nice. But is it really going to do your company any good?

Take a look at six common packaging problems to make sure you create something that amazes, impresses, and grows your business:

1. Designing Based Only on Your Own Opinion

Who approves or modifies packaging design at your company? Have they found a way to incorporate the customer’s perspective?

Naturally, you make the final call. But, ultimately the market votes for your company (or another company) with their dollars.

So, you must find a way to learn your market’s true opinion of your packaging.

2. Irrelevant Packaging

When was the last time you analyzed and changed your packaging? Have you made updates to move along with any potential shifts in market perception?

For example, does your market now have a strong dislike for plastic because of the harm it does to the environment and animals?

You don’t want to lose out on market share by failing to change with emerging trends.

3. Not Considering Your Competition

When you do change or create your packaging, do you have your competitor’s packaging available so you can analyze how it works?

It’s important to tell your brand story in a way that delivers value to your market so you stand out from the competition.

That’s easier said than done. But it’s critical to your success.

4. Confusing Your Market

The font, colors, images, and words you use on your packaging all communicate something to your market.

Do they communicate what you stand for and what your market expects?

Or do they work against each either and lead your market to different assumptions?

Again, testing your packaging with your market and gathering their feedback will help you make profitable decisions.

5. Hard-to-Open Packaging

Sometimes, amidst all the frenzy to create packaging that lights up your market, you can overlook functionality.

Your packaging might easily tear and let your product fly all over. It may be a pain to open. Your customers may not be able to reuse your packaging.

Functionality remains important. Make sure to give it a test or to get feedback from your customers.

6. Fixing Packaging That Already Works

Honestly, you may not even need to change your packaging. Perhaps you already have what your market loves. It happens to even large corporations.

An update is nice. However, it can also be a big mistake. So yet again, that’s why you always solicit feedback from your customers before bringing new packaging to market.

Packaging has been proven to increase sales. So make sure you don’t make these mistakes so your company reaps the desired rewards.