6 Truly Inspirational, And Unique, Shopping Bag Designs

You’ve heard us talk about what your shopping bag needs to create a winning experience with your customers.

Sometimes, it helps to see interesting ideas in action too.

So take a look at these shopping bag designs and use what you can to inspire your own thinking:

1. Fitness Company

Make no mistake about it, some of these designs will definitely surprise and delight you. Check out Fitness Company’s unique bag design:

What’s nice about this design is that it communicates what the company’s all about. You have no doubt what they do and what they stand for. Plus, with such a unique look, you know you’ll get other people looking and talking!

2. Stop’n’Grow

Check out this one, but don’t consider what the company does at first. Just look at the image:

You wouldn’t exactly understand the product or its purpose, right? Thankfully, the company uses a bit of text to clarify their product and why you’d buy it. Not only will the image on the bag get your attention, but you’ll also understand the value of the company.

3. Wheaties

Why does Wheaties have a picture of a washboard, 6-pack chest on its bag? The company sells cereal, after all. Well, they understand they cater to a market. Their market doesn’t want cereal. They want the “Breakfast of Champions,” and they want to look like a champion. So Wheaties delivers that to them right on their shopping bag. And it’s representative of what you should aim for in your own business.

4. Samsung

Samsung has a super-interesting bag design here. However, they could increase the attractiveness of the bag and enhance the value of their brand by putting a super-high resolution image on the TV. Because, that’s what you want out of a TV experience, and it’s something you can add to the bag, right?

5. Red Cross

What a great way to advertise for a worthy cause, right? You know exactly what they do and how they help. They might even want to include a human model on the bag who looks happy and is clearly receiving the health benefits of the donated blood. Or, they might also want to show an image of a happy donor, which makes it clear to prospective donors why they might want to donate.

6. Alinna

What a gorgeous necklace, right? This shopping bag truly captures the “wow” factor of the necklace. Alinna could improve this shopping bag by including the face of the model smiling ear-to-ear. Because, every customer wants the good feelings that result from having the product.

All images, by the way, are courtesy of deMilked and boredpanda, both of which you can visit to explore more designs.

Anyway, those are some pretty fascinating ideas. So, we hope they help you uncover your own.