7 Ways to Create a Green Facility

How can you green up your facility and save on costs, while also helping the environment?

Well, there’s millions of things you can do.

And here’s some of the top ones:

1. Lighting

If you’re considering building a new facility, then think about adding ways for natural light to enter.

Not something you can do? Install LED light bulbs then. They save a noticeable amount of energy versus CFLs. And they can last decades.

2. Leaks

Leaks can go three ways: leaky pipes, leaky vents, or leaky windows. Make sure you have your windows caulked to reduce conditioned air loss.

Have your ductwork inspected because leaky ducts frequently have about 30% energy savings available on your HVAC costs.

And the same goes for your windows.

3. Insulation

Some buildings don’t have any insulation at all. Others have insulation, but not enough or not a high enough quality.

The right insulation dramatically reduces your heating and cooling costs.

And if you want to be fully green, make sure the insulation you have installed comes from recycled materials.

4. Evaluate Workspace Efficiency

Your employees’ individual cubes, speaking in terms of green-friendliness, are now a thing of the past.

They were also believed to enable your employees to be the most productive.

However, that’s all changed with the discovery of community workspaces. And such workspaces, by the way, result in the most efficient use of space and the most efficient energy consumption.

5. Automation

You’ve heard all the rage about smart homes. You can use the same approach with your building.

Automating lighting and heating and cooling by zone can result in substantial savings.

6. Roof Ideas

Make sure your roof has a coating that reflects sunlight. This results in your roof absorbing less than 50% of the sunlight which hits it (compared to 90% if it’s a darker color).

Steep roofs should use tiles or shingles to maximize sunlight reflection. Prefabricated sheets work best for the same purpose, but are more suitable for low-sloped roofs.

If your building has a flat roof, you might also consider installing some sort of garden on the top.

7. Windows, Skylights, Vents, and Glass Portions of Doors

Installing storm windows can make a big difference in your energy savings. Make sure your glazing system faces south to take advantage of solar heat as much as possible during the winter.

What about summer?

Simply install overhangs or the shading devices of your choice to block the sun.

There’s much more to greening up your facility throughout the year. It’s an intricate science.

But for now, you have more than enough ideas that will result in substantial savings when implemented.