A Simple Roadmap for Re-Opening Your Stores

It’s hard to have a map for something that hasn’t even happened yet, isn’t it?

Well, not for the National Retail Federation.

To help retailers navigate the extreme challenges presented by coronavirus, the NRF has launched Operation Open Doors.

It gives retailers a checklist to follow to re-open in four key areas of business: health and safety, personnel, logistics and supply chain, litigation and liability.

The roadmap was created (and is constantly updated) with help from hundreds of US retailers. You can learn how to do anything…even down to the most minute detail, like sanitizing cash registers.

Sure, you could figure this all out yourself. But you’ll make mistakes and waste financial and time resources while doing so. Instead, save yourself the trouble and learn from others how to navigate the re-opening of your stores.

Check out some of the highlights:

1. State-by-State Coronavirus Regulations

As the name suggests, here you can learn every precise coronavirus regulation affecting each state. That way you don’t make mistakes and find yourself having to pay hefty fines.

And, you’ll understand exactly in what ways you can get your business open as fast as possible so you keep your revenue flowing.

2. Operation Open Doors Checklist

10 pages in length, this checklist outlines what you need to account for as you open your doors.

And you’ll learn some surprising things too, such as some retailers paying their employees an hourly bonus for working during the pandemic, which improves morale and attendance.

3. Precise Step-by-Step Procedures

Currently in development by a team of retail professionals, the NRF is offering precise checklists too.

This includes how you control access to your property, inventory sanitization and management, how to “soft open” your store, and how to source sanitary supplies.

You’ll also find out how to create social distancing policy for your customers and employees. And you’ll learn how to bring back your employees from furloughs or layoffs, as well as legal issues which surround doing so.

Finally, you’ll learn the legal definition of negligence as it relates to COVID-19 so you avoid any costly brushes with the law.

You’ll know exactly what to do to get back on your feet again…without having to invest time and money in creating all the procedures yourself.

It’s simply good common sense to at least give Operation Open Doors a look. You can view the resource at that National Retail Federation’s website.