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Benefits of Buying Refurbished Cleaning Equipment

Your bottom line is important. Cutting corners without giving up quality seems an impossible dream. However, Pollock Orora makes solved happen with our line of cleaning supplies, including refurbished cleaning equipment. All prices for our equipment are listed online for your perusal, and our sales team is ready to answer all your questions about each piece of cleaning equipment. Below are a few of the many reasons refurbished cleaning equipment may be your best option.


This is the main driver for most businesses to purchase refurbished commercial cleaning equipment. When an expensive component for cleaning is necessary, some organizations may find they cannot afford the better equipment. With refurbished equipment being an option, the idea becomes much more feasible to fit into the budget. In fact, it may be possible to purchase additional equipment for the price of a new model, which could double the speed at which your team operates. In that respect, purchasing refurbished equipment could mean additional revenue for your organization.


More than simply “used,” refurbished equipment has been fully inspected to meet a quality very close to new. Equipment must pass quality tests, such as Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) regulations, and if any components are not working properly, they are replaced or repaired. Every piece of refurbished equipment is cleaned inside and out. Many times your refurbished machine is so close to new, only the price is different.

Extended warranty 

Rather than leaving you out to dry, which often occurs when you purchase used equipment, refurbished equipment has the backing of the company selling it. Inquire as to what the extended warranty covers and the length of the warranty, as it varies from one company to the next. Often included are repairs, replacement parts, and customer service. When comparing costs, include the extended warranty as a huge factor. In other words, if the price difference is negligible but one retailer includes a warranty, choose the equipment with the warranty.

Environmental friendliness 

If your company is working toward sustainability, purchasing refurbished equipment can help lead the charge. Buying new equipment removes resources from the earth while refurbished equipment not only keeps the machinery out of a landfill, it keeps more resources in the environment.

Purchase a high-quality product at a fraction of the price by contacting Pollock Orora. Our inventory changes frequently, which means you can peruse our refurbished machinery regularly for great deals. Contact us to learn about our current inventory of cleaning supplies, and ask our sales team to contact you when one of your dream machines is available. Learn how we can make solved happen for your business, from cleaning products to industrial equipment.

The People of Pollock Orora: Kenny Beasley

Kenny Beasley is what you would call a Pollock Orora “lifer.” He has worked with Pollock Orora for 19 years, following in his father’s footsteps, who worked at Pollock Orora for 39 years, retiring in 2019.

While he has only been a sales manager for about a year, Kenny has worked in sales at Pollock Orora almost his entire career. He is humbled to be in sales and grateful to his mentors. Before starting his sales career, he served his country in the army.

Kenny was born in Houston, Texas, and grew up in the DFW area where he now resides with his wife and 3 children. You will find him hiking, hunting, fishing, or generally enjoying the outdoors in his spare time. He also loves spending time with his poodle Max and his cats George Michael and Fiddy.

A typical day at the office is a mixed bag: Mondays are the busiest, but most days are filled
with in-person and virtual meetings with co-workers. Kenny spends a huge chunk of his days assisting Pollock Orora customers directly. He learned to appreciate the office and customer calls in a new way when COVID removed those vital interactions from his schedule.

If you ask Kenny, his team is the heart of Pollock Orora’s success. His pride in his company is evident when he invites potential clients to tour Pollock Orora; he knows seeing the building and his co-workers will sell the company and its products. Kenny’s goal is to help make his co-workers successful by helping them tackle nearly impossible situations to make SOLVED happen. Kenny’s dream is to help his co-workers reach their earning potential while maintaining a proper work/life balance.

“When you work hard and take care of your customers and business, you should not feel guilty about taking that family vacation,” Beasley said.

When new customers ask about Pollock Orora, he explains that the company provides full facility solutions, from the front of the house to the back of the house. With products and services for a range of industries, from retail and medical to sanitation, Pollock Orora has the potential of meeting every customer’s needs. Beasley is proud of all the products he sells, from the innovative collaborations to the efficient packaging solutions.

“Pollock provides packaging products from the box to the protective void fill inside, whether it is brown or custom printed, to give the customer an unboxing experience they will not forget,” Beasley said.

Collaboration between Pollock Orora and its customers generates new ideas and products that often benefit other customers down the line. Kenny works with customers to create the best products for their businesses in a sustainable manner. This involves using earth-friendly products designed and produced with a lower impact on the environment at a low cost. This is just one example of Pollock Orora’s move toward greater efficiency and sustainability.

When asked how working at Pollock Orora has affected him, Kenny humbly says that it has changed his life. He has developed lifelong friendships with the first friends he made 19 years ago on his first days at Pollock. His colleagues gave him a chance to begin a career as a sales representative, which helped him realize his dream of a good life for himself and his family of five. Through the mentorship of his friends, his success has lasted, and he is able to pass his knowledge on to his sales team.

When you need solutions for your business, call Pollock Orora at 800-843-7320 and speak to a member of Kenny Beasley’s hardworking team.

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Preventing Cold and Flu in the Workplace

Winter is upon us once again and more of humanity is spending time indoors in close quarters with one another. With people in closer proximity, it is easier for both the common cold and influenza to spread via airborne particles or touch. Pollock Orora knows your organization feels the pinch of co-worker absence due to illness and wants to provide you with solid solutions to your workplace environment with our cold and flu essentials. 

Stop the Spread

First, it is imperative to stop the spread of any illness before it spreads within your warehouse or call center. Encourage your co-workers to vaccinate against the most prevalent flu, and if they feel ill, send them home. Co-workers should not return to work until their temperature drops below 100° without the aid of medication. Do not allow co-workers to “muscle through” an illness since both the common cold and the flu are most easily spread during the first 3 days of the introduction of the pathogen into the body. A co-worker with a sick family member at home can still safely come to work but should monitor his or her health and go home if illness strikes.

Sanitize Office Areas

Most people recognize the importance of washing hands after using the restroom, but statistics have proven the average work desk is home to 400 times more bacteria (approximately 10,000,000 bacteria in an area the size of your hand) than a bathroom. In fact, Dr. Charles Gerba has pointed out the most extremely germ-ridden areas in an office are the desk telephone, microwave door handle, water fountain push bar or handle, and the keyboard. Keeping those areas more sanitary takes the proper chemicals and sanitizers, which you can find at Pollock Orora.

To maintain a safe environment, we suggest the following products along with a brief description of their importance.

For your co-workers

  • Soap and soap dispenser – Hand washing became an integral part of life during the pandemic. Knowing the role soap and water play in the ongoing struggle to combat COVID-19, high-quality soap and dispenser systems in every bathroom, kitchen, and break area allow for the sanitary use of soap as part of the hand-washing routine. 
  • Hand sanitizer and sanitizing stations – When access to a bathroom complete with soap and water is not an option, hand sanitizer is a good substitute either in bottles or as wipes. For best results, place hand sanitizing stations throughout your business’s high-traffic areas, including near the door of restrooms, near the break room or cafeteria, at all exterior doors, and near janitorial areas. 
  • Facial tissue – Ready access to inexpensive facial tissues will allow co-workers to reach for a tissue every time they need one, then quickly toss it away when it is utilized. Be sure to emphasize a follow up with hand sanitizers after touching any part of the face, especially after using a tissue for any bodily fluids. 
  • No-touch waste cans – Knowing many other individuals are touching the surface of a waste can, it pays to invest in a step-on trash can to keep hands away from the surface. 

For the janitorial staff

  • Disinfectant/cleaner – Before disinfecting, a surface must be cleaned. This removes most of the debris and allows the disinfectant to hit all areas of the surface. A combination of disinfectant and cleaner hits both goals simultaneously and is a good fit as long as the surface is relatively clean. 
  • Bleach – With the ability to eradicate a huge amount of pathogens, bleach is essential for cleaning many surfaces. Most bleach can be diluted to 10% for use on kitchen, bathroom, and high-touch surfaces. Another option is disinfecting wipes, which provide a disinfectant on a disposable wipe. Remember, bleach should be treated as a disinfectant and not a cleaner. 
  • Disposable microfiber cloths – To ensure contagions are not carried from room to room as your organization is cleaned, implement disposable microfiber cloths. As the microfiber cloths clean, they remove 99.9% of all microbes to keep your co-workers safe. 

Keeping your co-workers safer during the cold winter months is significantly easier with Pollock Orora’s extensive inventory of products. Give us a call at 800 843-7320 to learn more about how your office can sail through winter with these cold and flu essentials.

Waste Management Essentials for Your Business

First impressions are frequently lasting impressions, and Pollock Orora wants to ensure your business shines with a clean, safe environment for your customers and co-workers with waste management essentials.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), every American produces an average of 4.9 pounds of waste every day of the year. The amount of solid waste has increased 77% since 1980 to its current level of 292.4 million tons of refuse every year. Pollock Orora has the tools you need to control that amount of waste, from janitorial supplies to industrial waste containers.

Waste containers and accessories

Pollock Orora has a vast array of waste receptacles, from round to rolling to recessed. If you have an existing trashcan and need liners, a set of caster wheels, or a new no-touch lid, order all these items through Pollock Orora. Add a recycling center alongside the waste receptacles to remind co-workers to help save the planet.

Outside your facility, order one or more of Pollock Orora’s curbside trash receptacles to efficiently roll out your collected debris.

Medical forms of waste require special handling, such as sharps containers for needles and broken glass, containers and liners for medical (infectious) waste, and medical receptacles for disposal of items that have come into contact with patients or health care staff.

The industrial setting showcases heavy-duty products such as tilt trucks to quickly toss larger chunks of waste, industrial strength bags, industrial nitrile gloves, and long reach dust mops to effectively remove waste material.

Recycling made easy

Most co-workers understand the importance of recycling. The ubiquitous blue container with the triangulated arrows reminds us not to simply toss away recyclable items in a retail store. You can also use a recycling tilt truck for your industrial site. For quick recycling pick-up, order a roll-out container for your recyclables.

Janitorial supplies

Unfortunately not all waste material is deposited into the proper receptacle. People are messy. Janitorial supplies are the answer for life’s minor catastrophes. Pollock Orora’s inventory includes disinfectants, sanitizers, and cleaning chemicals to remove any trace amounts of food, grease, mud, or proteins that may linger on work surfaces or floors.

Along with the chemicals to keep your co-workers and their environments safe, stock up on the mops, brooms, dustpans, and cleaning rags to remove all the smaller amounts of waste.

Safely handling waste

If the handling of waste was simply taking out the garbage, life would be simple. However, different forms of waste require different handling techniques. For instance, tossing a piece of paper in the trash bin does not require protective gear, but chemical waste often means adjusting the pH, autoclaving, centrifuging, or aerating while wearing face shields, gloves, and aprons.

Pollock Orora has you covered – literally – with protective wear for specific waste removal situations. Aprons, coveralls, gloves, respiratory protection, eye protection, and boot and shoe covers in a variety of materials and sizes allow your co-workers to safely handle waste materials.

Contact Pollock Orora today at 800 843-7320 for expert consultation on how your business can equip itself with the knowledge and materials to create a clean, safe work environment through the power of waste management.

How Pollock Orora Solves the Puzzle of Retail

It is simple to go online or to a big box store for office supplies. When you use those products, however, you find they fall short of meeting your needs. Rather than operate your retail operation at 75%, consult the experts at Pollock Orora first. Their team can look at your entire office and store, then recommend services and equipment to bring your business significantly closer to 100% efficiency.

Shipping and packaging. Solved.

With retail becoming more internet driven, it is important to advertise your business through shipping your products to your customers’ doors. Beautiful, effective, and perfectly sized, Pollock Orora’s custom packaging allows your logo and message to pass through the hands of several individuals from your store to your customer’s door. With good product advertising or a stunning logo, your package will be talked about all along its route.

The logo is only part of the impressiveness, though. Pollock Orora’s custom corrugated boxes are designed for your products. This snug fit allows you to ship with more savings since the dimensions are lower and packing material does not fill ¾ of the box’s interior. For you, that translates into lower shipping rates and less waste while shipping in a box designed for your product, making it much less likely to break.

Customization. Solved.

Let our incredible team design a customized system specifically for your company. After the initial design, we will go through the system step by step with you and your team, explaining in as much detail as you need how to operate and maintain your packing station, palletizer, strapping machine, or all of the above! Take advantage of Pollock Orora’s integrative software to use your system to its fullest capacity. Once your new customized system is installed, our team sets up a maintenance schedule at your convenience to ensure your system runs smoothly year after year.

Supplies. Solved.

Our inventory warehouse just became your supply closet. With our customized logistics specific to your business, Pollock Orora is at your beck and call. With our easy-to-use online shopping or via EDI, your orders can be sent, processed, and fulfilled within 2 days. If your organization has several locations scattered across the city, state, or country, we can ship your orders to the destinations of your choice. We partner with warehouses across the country and ship directly to you in one of our delivery trucks. You can do more than track your orders with our app. You can manage your shipments and budget as well. Now you can easily track what you need, where you need it, and when it is needed.

Shopping. Solved.

Add that extra touch to every shopping experience with Pollock Orora’s vast array of shopping goods. From shopping bags and tissue paper to gift boxes replete with gift wrap and ribbon, we have your products covered, literally. Do you have an online business? We offer ecommerce and shipping supplies as well.

Cleaning. Solved.

First impressions can make or break a retail organization. Make your business shine with cleaning and disinfecting supplies from Pollock Orora. Mops, brooms, hand sanitizing stations, cleaning chemicals, soap and dispensers, paper towels, and so much more is available and ready to be shipped to you. With training for your team, your customers will recognize your level of clean as unparalleled.

Pollock Orora leaves no retail stone unturned. Take advantage of our free initial consultation to see how your business can improve in efficiency, cleanliness, and cost management. Give us a call today at 800-843-7302. We are ready to make solved happen for you.

Why Your Business Should Be ESG Reporting

Five years ago, Morgan Stanley conducted a study that determined 86% of millennials wished to invest in sustainable companies with strong social and environmental goals. In the 1960s, ESG reporting began to sway investors from showering money on tobacco companies or those with a vested interest in the war effort in Vietnam. The more modern environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting guide began in earnest in 2004. Does your company need to begin ESG reporting? Pollock Orora has information to persuade you to begin the process of creating a better business model more investors will find appealing.

What is ESG reporting?

Often simply called a sustainability report, the ESG report offers more than simple environmental measures. As a measure of transparency, the ESG report communicates the sincerity of a company’s efforts in social justice and governance of its actions and the actions of its subsidiaries. Knowing how a company plans to positively impact the environment and society gives investors solid measures to determine if those goals are being met. This transparency allows a point-by-point comparison with similar companies and can enhance your position as a worthwhile investment.

Is ESG reporting only for public companies?

No, both private and public companies of any size may partake in ESG reporting. Disclosing pertinent information to others with the backing of a third-party reporting body allows shareholders and investors to determine if the company is meeting its goals.

Do all companies participate?

ESG reporting is not mandatory, but it gives a window into the inner operations of businesses. Also, ESG reporting is not meant to take the place of existing business frameworks. It is a disclosure tool meant to help compare your company with others and to help set, meet, and hopefully exceed important goals.

Why would anyone want to participate?

The seal of ESG reporting stimulates financiers to invest in a company positively impacting others and the planet. When these data are presented to the public, it results in a positive response by those who wish to belong to a company that cares. Comparing 2 companies – one choosing to participate in ESG reporting and one not reporting – also stimulates the second company to step up and join the movement, which further pushes the positivity forward.

Is ESG reporting just greenwashing?

No. Because a third party is responsible for verifying all claims in an ESG report, it is far more than a “feel good” endorsement. The numbers and statistics within the report validate all claims both quantitatively and qualitatively.

What to expect in an ESG report

Referencing its initials, the ESG report contains 3 broad categories: environmental, social, and governance. Broken down, each category contains several subcategories to be analyzed.

• Methods used to allay climate change, including carbon emissions
• Preservation of biodiversity by improving air, water, and wastewater quality
• Responsible use of all resources

• Creating a nurturing workplace where labor standards and human rights are a priority
• Ensuring inclusivity regardless of gender, race, religion, et cetera
• Engaging all levels of co-workers in decision-making
• Ensuring the privacy of individuals and their data
• Reaching out to the surrounding community

• Internal controls
• Policies concerning leadership, compensation, auditing, and shareholder rights
• Impeding bribery and corruption through whistleblower programs

While ESG scores are not uniform from one third-party provider to another, they do prove measures have been accomplished within organizations year after year and give detailed information to compare one business to another. Future endeavors such as the EU taxonomy hope to equalize terms and definitions to prevent greenwashing.

Want to learn more about how your company can succeed in today’s economy while protecting the environment and your co-workers with programs such as ESG reporting? Call Pollock Orora at 800-843-7302 and visit our website.

Food Processing Made Easier by Pollock Orora

Streamlining your food processing may seem arduous and time consuming, but Pollock Orora has the tools and knowledge to customize your food processing strategies and make your organization run more smoothly. Let us help you be more productive. Learn how by reading below.

Food processing systems

No matter what stage of food processing your company is involved in, Pollock Orora can lessen the workload on your co-workers. Our consultants work with you to devise a state-of-the-art customized system created to streamline practices in varied areas of food processing. This includes conveyor systems for assembly line work, shrink wrappers to tightly cover and display your delectable treats, and barcode labeling and tracking so you know exactly what is in inventory at the click of a button, just to name a few.

Pollock Orora does more than just sell you a system, though. Since we work with you to create the ultimate system for you, you know the system will meet your needs. After an initial consultation period, the custom system is designed to help your facility meet its maximum capacity. Upon completion, our team is back to install the food processing system and train every co-worker on how to use it to its greatest potential.

Many times, your company’s original systems are analyzed by Pollock Orora to create a new food processing system that is much more automated, reducing human contact. This gives your co-workers time to tackle other tasks, and finished products tend to be less prone to human error.

Tracking software

Another outstanding feature is our integrated software to track your supply levels as items are scanned, and restock as needed via a computer-to-computer EDI system where you don’t even have to worry about ordering. If you want to order something new, let us know via fax, phone, website, or email and we will have it shipped to you within a few days.

To add a bow on this complete package, Pollock Orora’s service department is ready to maintain any of the equipment we sell. Set up a schedule based on your usage, and we will ensure the system runs properly.


Your products pop with Pollock Orora’s custom-designed corrugated boxes, bags, and food containers. Whether you want simple plates to showcase your wares or eco-friendly to-go boxes, we can help with containers to enhance the process. If you are shipping in bulk, take advantage of our case packers and sealers, and strapping machines or stretch films.

No matter the container, Pollock Orora utilizes USDA/FDA-compliant products to ensure your goods are safe from start to finish. Consult with our experts to learn more about the regulatory and technical demands of a food processing operation. Want more out of your containers? Add flair with your company’s logo directly printed on the packaging or on self-adhesive labels.

Safety gear

A compliant team is a safer team. Ensure everyone on your staff wears personal protective equipment, from snoods to sneaker covers. Pollock Orora also features hand sanitizer stations, quality soaps and dispensers, and disinfectants for your staff to remain as safe as possible.

Pollock Orora’s huge array of personnel and facility-based safety equipment keeps everyone as safe as possible. Need caution tape? Check. How about a scaffolding harness? Check. Need something to contain used sharps or chemical spills? Check and check. Almost anything your food processing plant needs, you can find in Pollock Orora’s vast online inventory. If you order products regularly, one of our warehouse partners can stock your business’s usual items at a location close to you to ensure your order is delivered quickly.


Our equipment is manufactured for ease of cleaning and disinfecting. We can supply not only the equipment, but the cleaners, degreasers, disinfectants, and sanitizers to service them as well. For even greater shopping ease, pick up the scrubbers, dust cloths, mops, and brooms from Pollock Orora to keep your food processing areas spotless.

Let Pollock Orora be your one-stop shop for all your food processing needs. Consider us your source for everything you need but the food. Look online at our website for our extensive catalog, or call us at 800-843-7302 to make your first order of many.

How Pollock Orora’s Industry Connections Make SOLVED Happen

When Pollock Orora makes a claim, we have the industry standards of national and international trade associations to stand behind that claim. With more than a dozen partners certifying our products, designs, and services, you know your organization is conducting business with a proven leader. Take a look at a few of our industry connections so you can see how we make SOLVED happen.

Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCIA)

BSCIA’s worldwide network of more than 1,000 companies includes cleaning, security, landscaping, facility maintenance, and any other services affiliated with building managers and owners. Small mom-and-pop companies and international corporations alike can take advantage of BSCIA’s services, including contractor-specific seminars and education programs leading to certifications, membership publications, members-only prices on related goods, research, and plenty of networking. BSCIA brings together all aspects of building service contracting.

National Paper Trade Association Alliance (NPTA Alliance)

Founded in 1903, the NPTA Alliance serves the printing, publishing, packaging, and paper industry. From retail stores to corporate headquarters, NPTA represents paper distributors, paper suppliers, paper supply chain converters, and service providers supplying paper distributors and manufacturers with products and services. In other words, if it is made of paper, chances are it has a place in the NPTA Alliance.

Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI)

If you have a product, you undoubtedly need packaging and processing. PMMI seamlessly ties these industries together. PMMI stimulates member growth through its digital and print PMMI Media Group, PACK EXPO trade shows, and Business Drivers. Business Drivers are PMMI’s rich resources, including market research and reports, technical training, and networking, branching out to your entire supply chain and beyond.

International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA)

With 10,500 members from manufacturers and distributors to contractors and providers, ISSA hosts the industry’s most elaborate cleaning expos. With abundant business tools, educational opportunities, publications, information on cleaning industry standards, and legislative and regulatory services, ISSA covers the world in cleanliness with 5 headquarters in Australia, Canada, Italy, South Korea, and the United States. ISSA has another claim to fame: its Cleaning Industry Management Standard is the first consensus-based gold standard outline for a successful quality cleaning organization.

Retail Packaging Association (RPA)

Founded in 1989 for networking purposes among retail packaging manufacturers, distributors, and other packaging specialists, RPA is a distributor driven, self-governing not-for-profit organization with worldwide membership. Packaging manufacturers enjoy sales opportunities, and distributors are able to host annual trade shows for networking and education. Networking allows the free flow of referrals, service discounts, scholarship opportunities, et cetera. Organizations focusing on bags, boxes, labels, ribbons, tissue, wrap, or any other packaging material will find a seat at RPA’s table.

United States Green Building Council (USGBC)

Dedicated to transforming building design, construction and operation through the world’s most recognized green building system, LEED, the USGBC currently has 100,000 buildings enrolled in its programs. Entire communities are encouraged to participate in LEED to enhance humanity with green initiatives in buildings and materials. They have a goal to complete their initiative within one generation – a lofty goal they are striving to meet. USGBC wishes to enable construction of socially responsible, healthy, and prosperous living and working spaces while saving consumers money as efficiency improves.

International Facility Management Association (IFMA)

IFMA holds the crown of the world’s most readily recognized and largest facility management association. From its inception in 1980, IFMA now supports 23,000 members in 100 countries worldwide through certification of facility managers, research and education, and World Workplace, the world’s largest facility management conference and expo. With a goal of providing up-to-date information on management of any office environment, IFMA offers guidance and information through its main Houston, Texas, Service Center of Excellence.

Learn more about Pollock Orora’s industry affiliations by visiting our website, or call us at 800-843-7302.

What to Look for in an Industrial Cleaning Supply Company

If you run a business, you need industrial cleaning supplies. They may not be the most fun thing to shop for, and you may not know what you’re looking at when you see them. However, they’re a necessary part of operating a business, especially one that serves people. Here are some of the most important things to look for when finding an industrial cleaning supplier:

Look at several websites

You might be totally blown away by the incredible designs and marketing on one website and decide it will be your industrial cleaning supply company for life. Instead, look at a number of websites because other companies may offer very similar products and services for less money. Once you find the services that best suit your needs, give the company a call.

Talk to the company’s representatives

How do they handle calls? Can they answer all your questions? Are you shuttled from person to person? If this is how they treat a new customer, how do they treat an existing customer with concerns? If a company’s customer service team does not meet your expectations, move to your next choice.

High-quality materials and manufacturing

The products a quality manufacturer creates are generally a higher grade than its competitors’. Search out companies with the latest technology and innovative products and labeling. You want to make sure you’re getting the best possible products, and you can do that by finding a company that clearly understands and believes in the products they’re selling.

Green solutions

There will always be industrial cleaning supplies that contain hazardous materials, and for some industries, such as the medical industry, those may be necessary to use until we find a better solution. However, most businesses can benefit from using products that are friendlier to the environment and to those who inhabit the building. Seek out a company that offers affordable, eco-friendly products for industrial cleaning.


Ensure your choice of industrial cleaning supply company has a stellar track record and has been in business long enough to prove it can withstand the rigors of strong prosperity and high demand as well as poor economic downturns with diminishing returns. The longer a company has been in business, the more likely it is to stay in business. Pollock Orora opened its doors in 1918, surviving the Great Depression and subsequent economic roller coasters. We will not fail you.

Look online for industrial cleaning supply companies, then contact Pollock Orora. We can meet your industrial cleaning supply needs with the backing of 100 years of service. Visit https://pollock.com or call us at 855 239-5153. We look forward to making solved happen for you.

How Corrugated Boxes Help Companies Reduce Waste

When plastic boxes first hit the market, they were touted as the alternative to corrugated boxes. They supposedly lasted longer, which meant they produced less waste. Time has proven that plastic is extremely detrimental to the environment, and corrugated boxes are making a comeback in a huge way. Let Pollock Orora explain how the simple corrugated box can help your company reduce waste.


Almost every corrugated cardboard box either has the word “recycle” or the triangular pictograph of recycling on it to remind everyone to recycle. Many corrugated boxes are already 100% recycled (most are between 70% and 90% recycled, far outstripping any other packaging) and are still able to withstand the rigors of use.

Recycling cardboard is easy and shrinks a company’s carbon footprint. The majority of cardboard is harvested from fast-growing pine and birch trees, and many corrugated box manufacturers plant trees to replace the trees they harvest.

Even if cardboard is tossed in the garbage, it degrades quickly and contains no added dyes, bleach, or other harsh chemicals, which is good for the environment as well. Because birch and pine can grow almost anywhere, most corrugated cardboard is sourced locally. When raw materials are sourced nearby, companies reduce fuel and transportation costs.


Pollock Orora has a huge inventory of shipping boxes we can customize with your company’s name and logo to showcase your business as boxes are shipped across the United States and the world.

With customized boxes, excess cardboard is not wasted: the exact fit means your goods will arrive undamaged while using the minimum amount of resources. Also, when your products fit in smaller boxes, you can pack more in shipping containers to send them out into the world, and that helps the environment through fewer shipments and less fuel used to ship.

Pollock Orora can take your packaging to a whole new level with custom-printed, full color containers advertising your product as well as your company. Need a place to display these gems? We have you covered with stunning color POP (Point of Purchase) displays that set up quickly and are strong enough to withstand outside pressure as well as the weight of the products they house. POP displays are economical, and can simply be recycled at the end of their usefulness.


Corrugated cardboard has been in use since 1871 for packaging; its longevity proves its effectiveness. Considering its durability, corrugated cardboard is relatively light. Since most boxes are, in fact, box-shaped, they stack easily, leading to less wasted space and less chance of breakage due to shifting cargo while shipping. This improves customer relations and wastes less time as your co-workers are not fielding calls concerning products broken or damaged during shipping.


A cost analysis of corrugated cardboard versus any other shipping material proves the price of corrugated boxes is extremely affordable. Most companies find it easy to incorporate cardboard boxes into their budgets without thinking twice. Reducing the overall budget can help create a less expensive product, which increases your bottom line.

Compared to plastics

Approximately half the plastic used in packaging in the United States is not reused or recyclable. The petrochemicals in plastics break down into microplastics, which are responsible for growing marine problems. These same microplastics are absorbed into the human body and can potentially cause health risks.

Plastics are based on petrochemicals, which are generated from oil – definitely not sustainable. All parts of manufacture – extraction, refinement, distribution, use, and disposal – are harmful to the environment. Plastics are not sustainable.

Government requirements on sustainability are closing in on products packaged in single-use packaging. The amount of wasted plastic in packaging is immense and troubling.

Call Pollock Orora today at 855 239-5153 to talk to one of our experts about how we can improve your business’s branding, shipping, showcasing, and packaging with corrugated cardboard boxes. We look forward to offering you the ultimate packaging solutions with corrugated boxes.

Office Essentials for the Hybrid Workplace

COVID-19 proved that many co-workers could efficiently and effectively work from home, either full-time or part-time. A hybrid workplace encompasses any combination of working remotely, working from home, coming into the office on set days, or coming to the office when needed. Pollock Orora supports all co-workers with office essentials to create a stellar work environment wherever you choose to work.

In the office

Hand sanitizer is a must in any office environment. Most illnesses are considered contagious before symptoms arise, which means hand sanitizer should be used frequently. Be sure all workspaces and common areas are stocked with hand sanitizer stations. Other personal protection devices should be on the list as well, including masks, plexiglass dividers, and wipes to keep all co-workers safe.

Work stations need to be ergonomically correct for every co-worker.

• A sit/stand desk allows co-workers to choose when to stand and when to sit.
• Monitor arms can quickly angle a computer’s monitor to reduce glare, change angles, or access the screen from a standing position.
• Comfortable and ergonomic, ball chairs with a base align the back to reduce stress and strain. If a ball chair is not to your liking, be sure to invest in a good ergonomic chair.
• Footstools aid while standing, and co-workers who are shorter than average benefit by having a place to settle their feet while sitting.
• An anti-fatigue mat allows co-workers to stand without undue pressure on their heels and joints.

All work stations equipped with ergonomic aids work wonders on co-worker health and well being by improving posture, reducing back and shoulder pain, and increasing work output.

On the go

A heavy-duty backpack with storage for a laptop and extraneous accessories as well as much-needed office supplies can be carried to and from the office to any other location. Include paper, pens, highlighters, cords, snacks, reusable water bottles, business cards, product and service brochures, and any other information to share with clients. Don’t forget the computer’s charger, and a charger for your phone as well. Order extra chargers – one to keep permanently at the office and one for the road.

Home office

It may feel like you can work from a kitchen table, but homes are busy places. Set aside an area to create an office without interrupting the remainder of the house. A spare bedroom, a corner of your bedroom, or a small space in the living room dedicated solely to working will help you recognize that spot as the area where you work. When you leave that area, your brain can reset to home. Once you have your area picked out, it is time to create your work environment.

With multiple people at home, a pair of headphones may be necessary to focus solely on work. Another great use for headphones is virtual meetings or phone conversations. When audio and/or visual calls are hindered by poor speaker pickup, it decreases workflow.

Another situation often encountered with virtual meetings is poor lighting. Invest in a ring light or a quality LED to illuminate the background and help others see more clearly.

Many work offices are now equipped with more than one computer monitor to quickly transition from one project to another, or call up information pertaining to a subject while interacting with a co-worker online. Invest in monitor arms for the home office as well.

Look for a good stationery set with notepads, clips, pens, sticky notes, and any other items needed to make a home office function as smoothly as a work office.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take your desktop home? That possibility is now a reality with a laptop docking station. To quickly segue from office to home, this innovative technology cables into your laptop to transform it into a desktop complete with monitor, mouse, and all other accessories.  

As with any desktop computer, invest in a good mouse and mousepad. Choose an ergonomic mouse pad to reduce wrist pain and the possibility of carpal tunnel syndrome.

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