6 Solutions to Common Packaging Problems

“It’s the most amazing packaging we’ve ever seen!”

That’s nice. But is it really going to do your company any good?

Take a look at six common packaging problems to make sure you create something that amazes, impresses, and grows your business:

1. Designing Based Only on Your Own Opinion

Who approves or modifies packaging design at your company? Have they found a way to incorporate the customer’s perspective?

Naturally, you make the final call. But, ultimately the market votes for your company (or another company) with their dollars.

So, you must find a way to learn your market’s true opinion of your packaging.

2. Irrelevant Packaging

When was the last time you analyzed and changed your packaging? Have you made updates to move along with any potential shifts in market perception?

For example, does your market now have a strong dislike for plastic because of the harm it does to the environment and animals?

You don’t want to lose out on market share by failing to change with emerging trends.

3. Not Considering Your Competition

When you do change or create your packaging, do you have your competitor’s packaging available so you can analyze how it works?

It’s important to tell your brand story in a way that delivers value to your market so you stand out from the competition.

That’s easier said than done. But it’s critical to your success.

4. Confusing Your Market

The font, colors, images, and words you use on your packaging all communicate something to your market.

Do they communicate what you stand for and what your market expects?

Or do they work against each either and lead your market to different assumptions?

Again, testing your packaging with your market and gathering their feedback will help you make profitable decisions.

5. Hard-to-Open Packaging

Sometimes, amidst all the frenzy to create packaging that lights up your market, you can overlook functionality.

Your packaging might easily tear and let your product fly all over. It may be a pain to open. Your customers may not be able to reuse your packaging.

Functionality remains important. Make sure to give it a test or to get feedback from your customers.

6. Fixing Packaging That Already Works

Honestly, you may not even need to change your packaging. Perhaps you already have what your market loves. It happens to even large corporations.

An update is nice. However, it can also be a big mistake. So yet again, that’s why you always solicit feedback from your customers before bringing new packaging to market.

Packaging has been proven to increase sales. So make sure you don’t make these mistakes so your company reaps the desired rewards.

6 Truly Inspirational, And Unique, Shopping Bag Designs

You’ve heard us talk about what your shopping bag needs to create a winning experience with your customers.

Sometimes, it helps to see interesting ideas in action too.

So take a look at these shopping bag designs and use what you can to inspire your own thinking:

1. Fitness Company

Make no mistake about it, some of these designs will definitely surprise and delight you. Check out Fitness Company’s unique bag design:

What’s nice about this design is that it communicates what the company’s all about. You have no doubt what they do and what they stand for. Plus, with such a unique look, you know you’ll get other people looking and talking!

2. Stop’n’Grow

Check out this one, but don’t consider what the company does at first. Just look at the image:

You wouldn’t exactly understand the product or its purpose, right? Thankfully, the company uses a bit of text to clarify their product and why you’d buy it. Not only will the image on the bag get your attention, but you’ll also understand the value of the company.

3. Wheaties

Why does Wheaties have a picture of a washboard, 6-pack chest on its bag? The company sells cereal, after all. Well, they understand they cater to a market. Their market doesn’t want cereal. They want the “Breakfast of Champions,” and they want to look like a champion. So Wheaties delivers that to them right on their shopping bag. And it’s representative of what you should aim for in your own business.

4. Samsung

Samsung has a super-interesting bag design here. However, they could increase the attractiveness of the bag and enhance the value of their brand by putting a super-high resolution image on the TV. Because, that’s what you want out of a TV experience, and it’s something you can add to the bag, right?

5. Red Cross

What a great way to advertise for a worthy cause, right? You know exactly what they do and how they help. They might even want to include a human model on the bag who looks happy and is clearly receiving the health benefits of the donated blood. Or, they might also want to show an image of a happy donor, which makes it clear to prospective donors why they might want to donate.

6. Alinna

What a gorgeous necklace, right? This shopping bag truly captures the “wow” factor of the necklace. Alinna could improve this shopping bag by including the face of the model smiling ear-to-ear. Because, every customer wants the good feelings that result from having the product.

All images, by the way, are courtesy of deMilked and boredpanda, both of which you can visit to explore more designs.

Anyway, those are some pretty fascinating ideas. So, we hope they help you uncover your own.

7 Ways to Create a Green Facility

How can you green up your facility and save on costs, while also helping the environment?

Well, there’s millions of things you can do.

And here’s some of the top ones:

1. Lighting

If you’re considering building a new facility, then think about adding ways for natural light to enter.

Not something you can do? Install LED light bulbs then. They save a noticeable amount of energy versus CFLs. And they can last decades.

2. Leaks

Leaks can go three ways: leaky pipes, leaky vents, or leaky windows. Make sure you have your windows caulked to reduce conditioned air loss.

Have your ductwork inspected because leaky ducts frequently have about 30% energy savings available on your HVAC costs.

And the same goes for your windows.

3. Insulation

Some buildings don’t have any insulation at all. Others have insulation, but not enough or not a high enough quality.

The right insulation dramatically reduces your heating and cooling costs.

And if you want to be fully green, make sure the insulation you have installed comes from recycled materials.

4. Evaluate Workspace Efficiency

Your employees’ individual cubes, speaking in terms of green-friendliness, are now a thing of the past.

They were also believed to enable your employees to be the most productive.

However, that’s all changed with the discovery of community workspaces. And such workspaces, by the way, result in the most efficient use of space and the most efficient energy consumption.

5. Automation

You’ve heard all the rage about smart homes. You can use the same approach with your building.

Automating lighting and heating and cooling by zone can result in substantial savings.

6. Roof Ideas

Make sure your roof has a coating that reflects sunlight. This results in your roof absorbing less than 50% of the sunlight which hits it (compared to 90% if it’s a darker color).

Steep roofs should use tiles or shingles to maximize sunlight reflection. Prefabricated sheets work best for the same purpose, but are more suitable for low-sloped roofs.

If your building has a flat roof, you might also consider installing some sort of garden on the top.

7. Windows, Skylights, Vents, and Glass Portions of Doors

Installing storm windows can make a big difference in your energy savings. Make sure your glazing system faces south to take advantage of solar heat as much as possible during the winter.

What about summer?

Simply install overhangs or the shading devices of your choice to block the sun.

There’s much more to greening up your facility throughout the year. It’s an intricate science.

But for now, you have more than enough ideas that will result in substantial savings when implemented.

Radiance FlexMax Reduces Storage Space Required by Buckets 91.6%

Do you still do storage the old way…with lots of empty buckets sitting around?

The solution to that problem is now here: Radiance FlexMax reduces storage space required by 91.6%.

That’s right. 24 empty Radiance FlexMax storage bags require the same space as one empty bucket. Just take a look below:

When full, FlexMax bags reduce storage space required for the same amount of liquid by 38%.

What could you do with all the extra space available?

But, nice as they are, those aren’t the only benefits of FlexMax. Here’s what else they do:

1. Greatly Reduce Wasted Liquid

Buckets don’t always empty completely. Sometimes, you still have that tiny puddle running around the bottom.

Have you ever calculated how many gallons of liquid goes to waste and doesn’t get sold?

What’s a rough estimate? And what if you could sell all that liquid instead of letting it go wherever it ends up?

What difference would that make to your company?

FlexMax’ flexible packaging allows you to empty 100% of the liquid stored within. Nothing goes to waste. And that could easily mean big money goes back into your company where it belongs.

2. Easy to Move and Durable

You might worry about the flexible packaging having susceptibility to ripping and tearing. That might mean you lose all of your liquid instead of just some.

…But don’t fret! Stable construction and strong handles means FlexMax doesn’t rip or tear. Just like a bucket, it won’t get damaged and lose your liquid.

Plus, the handles allow for easy transport. Just pick up FlexMax and move it where you want.

3. Be Nicer to the Environment

Buckets aren’t terrible to the environment. But they are when compared to FlexMax.

This product releases 30% less greenhouse gases and reduces post-consumer waste by 65% when compared to buckets.

Now you can tell your customers that you go above and beyond to be kind to the environment…and mean it!

4. Collapsibility Means Even More Space Stored

Buckets always stay their same size. FlexMax holds your liquid, but also collapses when empty. You can easily fit several hundred empty FlexMax containers in the same space as 36 empty buckets.

What could your business do with the extra storage space?

FlexMax beats the living daylights out of buckets. And you should feel excited when we recommend this product to you!

Product Spotlight: Clorox Total 360 Electrostatic Spray Cleaning System

Still using a trigger-based spraying system to clean your facility?

Want to clean up to 18,000 square feet per hour while using 65% less solution, without sacrificing any of your cleaning effectiveness?

Yes. You can do all of the above.

Because that’s exactly what you get with the Clorox Total 360 System.

When you talk about disinfecting services, no equipment has as much proven support or as advanced of a system.

1. Proof from Reputable Sources

As you know, companies can make practically any claim they want about their products. Clorox Total 360 makes big claims – and has third-party proof to back it up.

For example, Holy Name High School in Ohio uses the Clorox Total 360 system and has never had any serious outbreaks of skin infections, which cause 15% of injuries that result in time missed from sports.

Clorox Total 360 was also named the 2017 ISSA Innovation of the Year and the Visitor’s Choice award winner.

2. Wiping No Longer Necessary

Yes. This is where you save a ton of labor. You no longer have to wipe down surfaces of any kind or for any reason.

The operator simply stands 2-4 feet away from the surface to be sprayed, covering the surface in disinfectant.

You may choose to wipe down the surface to achieve a more polished look or to remove visible residue. But wiping of any kind is no longer necessary.

3. Disinfect Hard-to-Reach Places

Germs and bacteria don’t avoid hard-to-reach places because they’re inconvenient for you. So, trigger-spraying or wiping won’t do the job with these areas.

The Clorox Total 360 system makes disinfecting the back, side, and bottom of surfaces and objects easy.

Simply extend the arm and patented PowerWrap nozzle into these areas to disinfect them, again without sacrificing any effectiveness.

4. How Effective is the Clorox 360?

It’s clear you get a great level of effectiveness with the Clorox 360 Total Cleaning system. But, specifically, how effective is it really?

Well, it kills 99.9% of bacteria in 5 seconds or less. It also kills cold and flu viruses, MRSA, and norovirus in 2 minutes or less.

It eliminates odors. And it inhibits the growth of mold and mildew for a week.

Plus, you get all this done in just a single step. And, anyone can enter the disinfected area immediately after you complete the treatment.

If you have thousands of square feet to disinfect, we strongly recommend the Clorox Total 360 electrostatic cleaning system. You’re left with absolutely no doubt about its effectiveness and the sanitary condition of your facility.

5 Tips To Choose the Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning Equipment

Ahh hardwood. It looks beautiful and has its own gorgeous rustic charm.

But with it comes special maintenance!

And that’s the hard part.

However, it’s certainly much easier to do when you have the best equipment.

Nothing’s perfect, but here are some of the products and features to consider so you can make the best choice for your own needs:

1. Size of the Space

How much do you need to clean? A lot? Or just a little?

You may not need to sink a lot of money into a powerful machine if you just need to clean a small space.

Some are specifically designed for smaller or larger spaces.

Be sure to know the approximate square footage ahead of time so you know what to look at.

2. What’s the Source of the Dirt?

Where’d that dirt on your hardwood floor come from anyway?

Some cleaners remove dirt well. Others remove scuff marks caused by shoes. And others even specialize in spill removal.

A few cleaners work good (but not great) on everything.

So, when you identify the source of the dirt on your floor, you’ll know which cleaner to use.

3. Do You Need Cordless Equipment?

How big is the space you need cleaned? That may reveal the answer to your question.

Or, how complex do cords make cleaning your space? And how many different floors do you have to clean?

Cordless equipment is frequently available and just as effective as its corded counterpart.

4. Does the Equipment Have a Scraping Feature?

“Scraping” doesn’t sound good for hardwood floors. And you should trust that judgment.

Some cleaning equipment does scrape and will scratch your hardwood floors.

So make sure you read up on the equipment you’re considering to see if it might be a likely culprit to scratch.

5. What’s the Quality of the Mop Head?

Believe it or not, steam cleaners designed specifically for hardwood floor cleaning may actually cause more damage than anything else.

As they “clean,” they’ll actually scratch your hardwood floor.

And, still others don’t have adjustable steam settings. The one setting they have can result in too much steam, which can lead to warping and the voiding of your hardwood floor warranty.

So, extensive research on the equipment you’re considering is wise.

With these tips on hand, you now know how to make the best choice for your hardwood floors.

And you won’t have to deal with any unexpected stressors or hassles (like scratched floors).

How to Pick and Pack More Efficiently

So it’s efficiency you want?

Well, that’s exactly what we have for you.

Here are some methods for being more efficient when you pick and pack product for fulfillment:

1. Optimize Employee Travel Time

Around 60-75% of the fulfillment time for any one order is spent by the employee walking to locate the product, and then walking back to actually pack it.

Figure out your sales volume per item. Then, group that into batches of 10%. For example, 50 items make up 10% of your sales, 60 make up the next 10%, and so on.

Then, simply place the highest-volume items closest to your employee packing stations.

And of course, factor in seasonal and market trends as best you can along the way.

That’s your greatest opportunity for savings.

2. Now You Can Optimize Your Packing Materials

Keep that dim weight down! Now that you know what sells most frequently and have placed it nearest your packing stations, optimize the materials for packing.

Have the right-size boxes on hand so you don’t have to fill extra space with dunnage of any sort, which drives up your material costs and shipping costs too.

3. Bulk Material Acquisition

Bulk purchasing always gets you the lowest costs. That’s the obvious thing to do.

But the problem that can lead to is a lack of space in your warehouse.

Can you negotiate just-in-time material delivery from your packing material supplier?

Or, can you acquire or outsource additional storage space to hold those materials at reasonable costs?

4. Reduce Associate Turnover

Replacing the average associate routinely runs $3,000 – $10,000. Skilled and experienced associates often run much more.

Yeah, it’s shipping. And yes, lots of people can do it.

But, you can make the process work best (and save yourself a ton of stress and money) by learning why associates leave and taking the time to create an environment that retains the best associates.

When there’s no conflict between you and your associates, your productivity skyrockets.

5. Where Does Automation Fit In?

Can you use machinery to automate your box assembly?

Yes. It has a significant cost up-front. However, if you calculate the cost of labor for packing, material costs, and shipping costs, you may find a reasonable time for realizing a positive return-on-investment.

6. Hire Consultants

Overwhelmed? Not sure you’re analyzing all the opportunities for efficiency gains?

Then consider finding a consultant you trust to help with your analysis.

You may make a game-changing discovery.

It’s always worth your time to find ways to increase your revenue using growth strategies. But small efficiency gains in packing over time can lead to significant savings over the years as your business grows.

3 Reasons Why You’ll Love Hospeco

Would you believe there’s a company who’s specialized in women’s personal care products since 1919?

That sounds almost unbelievable because it doesn’t seem like women’s hygiene products have been around that long.

But Hospeco has been around for a full century. And they have specialized in feminine hygiene products.

So if someone’s going to do an awesome job in that niche, then it’s going to be Hospeco, right?

Since 1919, they’ve expanded the markets they serve a little. But they still retain that expertise in feminine hygiene products.

And here’s what else that makes them great:

1. The First No-Touch Toilet Seat Cover

Evogen is the world’s first no-touch toilet seat cover. It’s ready to use direct from the dispenser.

It comes with no tabs to tear so you can put it to use as fast as possible. It also comes with a tab so the seat cover itself automatically flushes without any touching.

The paper is also thicker and heavier so it doesn’t tear and so it provides a stronger sanitary barrier.

2. Complete Menstrual Care for Public Restrooms

Hospeco’s goal is to make sure every women’s public restroom has tampons available. They have a wide selection of vending machines, disposal options, receptacle liners, and tampons designed specifically for public vending.

If you have public restrooms unprepared to accommodate what can be an unpredictable need for women, Hospeco makes sure you’ll be okay.

3. Sphergo Surface Cleaning

Yes, these cleaning products can be used outside of restrooms. So here’s where Hospeco takes a slight departure from its public restroom focus (but remember it’s only a small one).

The Sphergo tool, which looks like a trowel but with a round knob as a handle, can be used to clean any flat surface.

That could mean windows, counters, walls, mirrors, ceilings, tops of toilet tanks – literally any flat surface.

You also get an extension arm so you can clean those harder-to-reach surfaces that might otherwise require a ladder.

The spherical ball handle actually rotates as you use Sphergo, which reduces musculoskeletal stress common to manual cleaning labor.

Look, when it comes to public restroom maintenance, and especially when it comes to women’s public restroom maintenance, we’re big fans of Hospeco.

And you should be too.

So if you hear us recommend Hospeco products, you should feel elated because you know you have great quality and experience on your side.

Why You’ll Fall Head-Over Heels in Love with Pollock Orora Packaging

Yeah. We get it. You’re a bit skeptical because we’re mentioning our own packaging division.

But, hear us out.

We have more than 100 years of experience (101 to be exact). Don’t let that fool you into thinking our processes haven’t changed with the times, though.

Our processes get constantly refreshed and innovated so they maintain their effectiveness in a rapidly changing market, making them relevant as ever.

And here’s what else makes Pollock Orora Packaging such a wise choice:

1. Everything Done In-House = Fastest Time to Market

With Pollock Orora Packaging, you only deal with a single service provider. You don’t get part of the packaging design process done and then have to sew together multiple contracted services to make your packaging design reality.

Our experts design, manufacture, print, kit, and distribute.

Not only do you get a fast time-to-market, but you retain product quality and consistency too, boosting your bottom line.

2. Close Relationships That Yield the Most Effective Results

It’s all about creating packaging design that gets you noticed and grows your sales, isn’t it?

That’s why we work closely with you throughout the design, production, and delivery processes.

You may have your own design in mind. You may not have anything in mind. In either case, we can help you create the most effective design that results in strong relationships with your customers.

You’ll get a prototype prior to production (usually about 24-36 hours following your approval), which you can then critique and request any changes, if needed.

3. Pollock Orora Packaging Serves All Business Sizes

No, we’re not just for big corporations who can purchase massive volumes, we are here for you, even if you’re a startup.

It’s all about service, not exclusivity.

Shift from blah to bliss with delightful design, effective performance and affordable pricing with Pollock Orora Packaging.

The Top 4 Oreck Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

You know the name “Oreck.”

But just like any brand, their product portfolio constantly changes.

So, what’re their top cleaning equipment and supplies?

Find out below and see if any meet your needs:

1. Orbiter Ultra Multi Purpose Floor Machine

If you have wood flooring to clean, you’ll want to add this to your inventory. It even cleans off weeks-old dried wood glue without any serious effort on your part.

The cleaner glides over the floor using its own power, which minimizes your own effort, and reduces potential resulting aches and pains to almost non-existent.

While certainly effective on hardwood floors, the Orbiter Ultra works well on just about every other type of surface too.

With dry cleaning powder, you can even use this convenient machine on carpet with intense stains!

2. Premist Soil Release Pre-Spray for Stained Carpeting

Say goodbye to tough carpet stains with help from Oreck’s Premist Soil Release Pre-Spray.

If you’re at the point where you’re considering buying new carpet, try using this Pre-Spray along with Oreck’s Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder. You may find you no longer need to install new carpet after use!

Yes. It really is that good.

3. Oreck Crystal Aroma II Carpet & Room Freshener

The long-lasting scent does its job amazingly well. It can even do so good that you cancel your plans to replace your carpet (if it’s that smelly).

This product doesn’t just mask odors like a perfume would. It eliminates their underlying power.

In just a few minutes, you can overpower even the most pungent of odors.

You only need just a small amount to do the job. So you get a lot of mileage from this product.

4. Fresh Air Vacuum Scent Tabs

Do your vacuums wreak after use? These scent tabs put an end to even the nastiest of smells in your vacuums.

They have a light, fresh scent, which smells kind of like fresh laundry. Odor-free bags, baking soda, and other commercial-grade products simply don’t stand a chance.

So if you need to freshen up your vacuum’s aroma, these scent tabs consistently do the job.

We’re big fans of Oreck. And so are a lot of people.

And now you know some of their top products and how you can put them to use at your company.

How to Keep Your Office Bathroom Smelling Fresh

It’s hard to do everything at scale, isn’t it? More people. More processes. More hassle.

…More profit too. But more challenges along the way.

Well, what do you do if you have problems keeping your bathroom smelling fresh?

After all, companies who truly care about their employees do their best to keep their bathrooms in top condition.

One investor in the financial sector based his investment decisions on the cleanliness of company bathrooms. Stinking, messy bathrooms meant companies didn’t care about employees. In turn, employees didn’t care about their customers.

And finally, that meant poor financial performance.

So, a clean and fresh office bathroom means quite a bit to your company! Here’s how to keep it smelling fresh, even if you have a lot of staff using it:

1. Use Air-Purifying Plants

Look, in addition to the obvious one of ventilation, give your office bathroom an added boost with a couple air-purifying plants.

Yes. There are plants who actually purify the air of foul odors (and not just cover it up).

Lilies, orchids, palm trees, the Boston fern, Chinese evergreen (and many others) will actually purify your air.

Others will too. You’ll have to research further to get a clear idea of exactly what plants will do the job.

But at least you have a starting point.

Aim to have at least one 10-12” potted plant per 100 square feet.

2. Essential Oils/Deodorizers

Essential oils can be released into the air to cover up bad odors through diffusers. Just make sure you choose an essential oil with a potent scent (like peppermint or eucalyptus).

You can do the same thing with deodorizers, which you can have your cleaning company place inside urinals or toilet bowls for the best odor-killing effects.

3. Don’t Compromise with Your Cleaning Service

If you hire out your cleaning service, understand that not all cleaning services do the same quality of work.

Some companies design contracts to entrap you in a relationship. They also may hire the least talented or committed professionals so they can keep more profit for themselves.

Be selective in who you go with. Many janitorial services will work without contracts so you’re not stuck with one you don’t want for a year.

Keeping your office bathroom fresh 365 days per year takes hard work and commitment. And now you know what to focus on so you have a bathroom no one complains about!

How to Make Your Packaging Process Highly Efficient

It sure is difficult to get all your processes as efficient as possible, without sacrificing quality, when you ship out thousands of orders monthly, isn’t it?

When things happen at scale, that drives up your profit. But it also increases complexity.

So, here’s how to drive the most efficiency from your packing processes:

1. Have an Order Management System in Place

An order management system should have each of your products’ weight and dimensions. That way, it can tell you exactly what size box to use and how to pack the item.

That keeps you shipping costs low. This also keeps the packing time low. And it results in the fewest number of damaged items.

Now that’s some nice efficiency!

2. Keep Touches to One

Only one person should need to touch your product throughout the entire pick and pack process.

Any more than that, and you’re wasting time. You’re also increasing complication, which further increase your risk of a mistake.

3. Optimize Your Storage

You shouldn’t use a random storage approach. If you’re in the early days of your business, that may be what you have to do for a while.

But you need to have an organized approach. The volume-based approach means you store the most frequently purchased items nearest your shipping stations.

The class-based approach assigns items to an area based on demand, but then you put the item randomly in any open space within that area.

One of those two approaches greatly increases your efficiency versus random storage.

4. Direct Methods for Increasing Packaging Efficiency

Use zone, wave, or batch picking to get the most from your employees. Then, amplify their packing efforts with some level of automation.

Your company can get by early on with using only human labor. But if you’re going to keep costs down and efficiency high, you’ll need to augment with machine automation.

There’s more choices available than you have time to evaluate. So, you have to understand how you currently package and what your needs are.

You may be sophisticated enough to require packaging with machine learning and AI. You may need a label applicator or overwrapping machine. You may even want an all-one system that packages product by the case.

It all depends on your unique business needs.

Packaging efficiency gains can almost always be made. And now you have an excellent starting point to identify your next opportunities.