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Due to the unprecedented circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) crisis, some products supplied by Pollock Orora may not be cancelled or returned. These high-demand products include, but are not limited to, the following: gloves, sanitizers, disinfectant chemicals and wipes. Products ordered now are considered firm commitments to purchase and are considered non-cancellable and non-returnable. Orders cannot be cancelled and the product ordered cannot be returned for any reason other than a manufacturing defect. We will make every attempt to meet your requested needs, both during this crisis and for many years in the future. We appreciate your understanding as we all work to get through these challenging times.

Premium Retail Packaging: Your Secret Weapon

Have you unlocked the formula to retail packaging success?

If you have, then you should have noticed obvious growth.

Retail packaging done right attracts more customers and increases customer loyalty.

But what does it mean to do it “right?”

And how could that benefit your company?

Truthfully, it’s a science all its own. You can’t learn it all in a single blog post. But you can learn more about the benefits of premium retail packaging and exactly how they help your business grow.

So check them out below:

1. Customers Do Buy In-Store Products Because of Their Packaging

How many consumers actually do this?

What’s your guess?

25%? 50%? More?

One study by Packaging of the World found 64% of consumers make their in-store purchases primarily based on packaging.

And remember, you can take a picture of your packaging and put it on your website too. So, it can also make a big difference in your online sales also.

2. First Impressions Last

What do you wear to a job interview that you totally want to nail? Or what if you go to a professional conference (before coronavirus)?

You dress your best right?

You know that if you come off as a goof, it’s really hard to overcome that initial impression.

Well; it’s no different with your retail packaging. According to a Forbes article, you have 7 seconds to make your first impression.

To what extent do your competitors understand that? It could be just the opportunity you need to snatch market share away.

3. Easily Increase Your Brand’s Value and Sales Price

Compared to its return, premium packaging has a small up-front cost. So, it’s not really even a cost because you make back more than what you spend on it.

44% of consumers agree that premium retail packaging reinforces the value of a product.

So, you can simply charge more for your product with premium packaging, and consumers will be happier to pay it.

Plus, they’ll feel like they got a better value when they actually use your product. And that means far fewer returns and complaints too!

4. Skyrocket Word-of-Mouth Marketing

You have to remember that the internet and social media are traditional word-of-mouth-marketing turbocharged.

At least 40% of consumers will post photos or videos of your premium packaging online for their friends and family to see.

Nail the experience, and watch the additional sales roll in.

So if you don’t already have premium packaging for your products, now’s the time to strongly consider it.

Done right with the experience of a company who’s done it well before, and a small investment could be just what your business needs to become number one.

What Do Consumers Demand from Your E-Commerce Packaging?

Everyone’s e-commerce sales are exploding. And who knows how long the trend will last?

Current projections maintain that society won’t start to return to normal until the end of 2022 or so.

And even then, it’ll be a gradual transition back to normal daily life.

Coronavirus’ effects could also lead to permanent changes in the retail market. For example, Baby Boomers, who are now purchasing online in droves, may make online buying a permanent part of their lives after COVID-19 subsides.

In other words, it’s mission-critical for you to totally nail the e-commerce packaging experience for your customers.

Because if you don’t, you know your competitors will.

And here’s what consumers want when they receive their online orders:

1. Nearly Half of Consumers Think E-Com Packaging Doesn’t Measure Up to the Quality of the Ordered Product

A poor first impression is difficult to overcome. And the above-mentioned data from storaenso confirms it.

The packaging is kind of blasé. And then the customer gets a great product inside.

So that means the final experience was good. That’s the main thing.

…But an opportunity was missed!

If more companies totally nailed the packaging presentation, that would be more sales they snatch up.

And it could be just what they need to win the market!

So, first impressions matter. A lot. Analyze your niche and identify the opportunities available.

2. Intact Final Products

No surprises here! Your customers want their product to arrive all in one piece. And, ideally, without any scuffs, scrapes, or marks.

Have you given your products extensive drop testing to see how your packaging holds up?

Remember, carriers don’t necessarily care too much about your product arriving in perfect condition. It’s simply their job to get it there. What happens to the packaging or what’s inside is your problem.

Of course, you can’t possibly be perfect. But, you should feel highly confident that nearly every one of your packages arrives in nearly pristine condition.

3. A Painless Unboxing Experience

Is there anyone who wants a long and frustrating unpackaging experience that requires one or more tools from around the home to accomplish?

Opening your product’s package should be simple and abundantly obvious. Not just easy. But so obvious there’s nothing to it.

Also consider the impression your packaging offers as it’s opened. For example, if you offer artificial flowers, does your packaging have a fun, light feel as it’s opened?

And finally, don’t forget the graphical design and print on your packaging. For sentimental gifts, for example, think cursive text. It gives a warm, intimate feel.

Some of these points may seem obvious. But amidst the chaos of online retail, it’s easy for them to get lost.

You can also easily research unpackaging experiences too. Just look them up on YouTube or any popular social media channel to get direct, honest market feedback.

When was the last time you audited your products for their ability to meet these simple consumer demands?

4 Holiday Retail Packaging Tips You Can’t Ignore

No one knows exactly how it will go. But everyone’s sure of one thing: this holiday retail season will be the best on record.

We set new records every year during a normal economy. And with COVID-19 doing its damage, and a good possibility people will have their second stimulus checks in hand, things are positioned for great success for retailers in 2020 and 2021.

How can you take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and make it extend as far as possible, winning more loyal customers for years into the future?

Here’s some ideas for your retail packaging this Christmas season:

1. Custom Decor

Use your very own custom tissue paper, tape, and stickers to create an entirely unique package.

Every little bit goes a long way in attracting customers to purchasing your items instead of your competitor’s.

And since you save your customers the work of possibly having to add their own design elements to their package (if purchased for a loved one), you win their attention for that reason too.

So try refreshing the packaging of some of your inventory, especially the slower-moving stuff, to liven it up and make it a little more interesting to your market.

2. Handwritten Notes

Yes, handwriting, which your children may not even learn in school anymore, can still go a long way in 2020.

This is one way you can beat Amazon and other mega-retailers who won’t take the time to do the same.

Insert a handwritten note offering season’s greetings from the employees who packed this particular order.

3. Include a Free Gift That Improves Use

Say you sell a delicious cooking seasoning. Well, why not include special holiday-themed recipes that use your seasoning as the main ingredient?

Yes. Customers could easily look up recipes online. However, it’s not quite as easy to find good ones as you might think.

There’s dozens of websites that have all kinds of recipes. Some have ratings. Others don’t.

It can actually take a good several minutes to find a decent recipe that you want to cook.

So, by including a recipe, you save your customers time and let them get right to putting their seasoning to use.

Include several different recipes so you have at least one that your customer will like.

4. Try Non-Traditional Designs

Millenials are a great example of going against tradition. Everything their parents have traditionally liked, Millennials don’t really care for.

So, now’s a great time to blow up what you’ve been doing and try something new to appeal to this market.

America as a whole is just not the same country it used to be in the 1980s and 1990s.

So this could be a major win for you this holiday season.

It’s hard to innovate in ways your market appreciates with so much competition.

But now you’re armed with four more ideas that could totally change the game for you.

4 Retail Packaging Design Mistakes: 2020 Holiday Edition

Nearly every mistake in every aspect of business has already been made.

So, why make mistakes yourself when you could instead learn from someone else who already has?

You’re borrowing from their experience.

So, here’s what to avoid this holiday season so you don’t cost yourself all sorts of sales:

1. Not Telling Your Customer What Your Product Is

Much thinking and preparation goes into packaging. With so many aspects involved, it’s easy to lose focus on one simple but important one: showing your customer what your product actually is.

Believe it or not, this actually did happen.

We won’t share the small company’s name because we don’t want to hurt their reputation any more than they already did themselves.

But basically, they packaged their product in such a confusing way that you couldn’t tell if it was a juice or a cleaning solution.

…Not a joke.

Imagine a customer taking a sip of your newest cleaning solution, and the lawsuit that would result!

2. Wasted Packaging

‘Tis the season to be jolly…

But, your customers won’t be so jolly if they see you packaging your product inefficiently, which they infer will harm the environment.

And the bigger your company, the higher consumer expectations are for you to have sustainable packaging practices.

So, make sure you give your packaging a review for this and clearly explain directly on it exactly what makes your package environmentally friendly.

3. Forgetting Your Number One Customer

You have the sales volume you do for a reason. Any change in your packaging could lead to a dramatic impact on your sales.

Now, that effect could go either way.

But, if you’re planning a major overhaul to your packaging, make sure you understand who your customers are and what they want.

Don’t sit in your office and have a behind-the-doors meeting with your in-house packaging team (or the one you’ve hired).

Instead, make sure you research your market first so you know exactly what they want to see from your packaging.

4. Packaging You Can’t Open

Can you remember when you were so excited to either get a certain gift, or maybe your favorite food from the store, only to have to engage in a small-scale war with the packaging?

Packaging that’s difficult to open is the number one complaint of every customer.

So, make sure you test your packaging.

If possible, make it easy to open without the use of any tools, and even basic tools, like scissors.

Did any of those pop out at you? Have you lost focus and possibly forgotten about any of these mistakes?

It’s never bad to have your mind thinking about your packaging. And now you know some of the more important considerations.

How Samuel Packaging Systems Rocks Its Industry

When it comes to packaging, you want Samuel on your side. The company serves a number of niche markets…and does an awesome job of it.

So let’s get right to it and see what they do so well:

1. Protective Packaging for Appliances and Electronics

Of all the partners we’ve reviewed so far, and that’s about 60 or so, Samuel may be the first to specialize in packaging for the appliance and electronics industries.

Because these industries have higher consumer purchase costs, consumers need every bit of assurance they can get that their products will be safe during transport.

Samuel even designs their packaging to protect products when they’re not properly secured. After all, it might be the consumer themselves transporting the product. And they may be so excited that they just want to get home and use it, neglecting to account for any bouncing and jostling the product may experience on the way home.

Now that’s thinking ahead, isn’t it?

If you’re in the appliance or electronics industries, how many returns and damaged products could that save you each year?

2. Protective Packaging in the Agricultural Industry

How many companies can say they know how to give you the protective packaging you need if your company farms hay, cotton, or tomato paste?

Samuel serves those sub-industries, and many others, too. And you know the difference a specialist makes.

More specifically, Samuel offers fully automatic plastic strapping machines and bale bagging systems, both of which save a ton of manual labor. They also adapt to any baling process.

Finally, their low elongation polypropylene plastic strapping has a 10% better seal than competing products.

3. Bundling and Stretch Wrap Equipment

With more than 25 years of experience, Samuel knows what it’s doing with bundling and stretch wrap equipment too.

Known for efficiency, Samuel’s equipment has a lower total cost of ownership than competing options.

To make that possible, Samuel’s machinery comes with fewer moving parts. This means less opportunity for things to break down (which costs you time and money), and reduces the need for maintenance.

Their heat seal technology has 90% joint seal efficiency rate, the best in the industry, which gives you lower product damage rates than every other competitor.

So when you hear us tell you that you should look into Samuel Packaging Systems, you should leap out of your seat with your arms in the air!

You’ll be in good hands, and your competitors will be left standing around, scratching their heads and clueless why you’re blowing by them.

What Makes Intertape Polymer Group’s Products So Great?

How good is Intertape Polymer Group at what they do?

So good that they have 3,500 employees, 31 physical locations, and they operate in North America, Europe, and Asia.

You have to be pretty good at what you do to support a large business like that.

As their name suggests, they specialize in film-based pressure-sensitive and water-activated tapes and films, protective packaging, coated products, and packaging machinery.

What makes their products such a big deal? And why do we happily recommend them when they make sense for your needs?

Take a look at a few of their products to see their business acuity in action:

1. Stucco Masking Tape

They’ve thought of everything with this masking tape. For starters, it’s durable and moisture-resistant because of its polyethylene backing.

The rubber adhesive allows it to bond well to nearly every type of surface.

And the tape also easily conforms to most shapes without stretching so much that it breaks.

This tape also maintains its performance in both hot and cold temperatures. And it resists UV light.

If you’re in the construction industry, or if you’re a homeowner, and need masking tape that meets the demands of harsh weather conditions, it’s the perfect product.

2. Moving Tape

As its name suggests, this tape was designed for sealing boxes for homeowners on the move.

BOPP film is used to give this moving tape its toughness. It resists the impacts that happen when moving boxes are tossed around either by people, or while in transport.

Acrylic adhesive means the moving tape maintains its adherence to boxes in both the freezing cold and blazing heat. So, consumers don’t have to worry about their boxes falling apart and their contents flying out and being damaged.

The adhesive also quickly sticks to the box, eliminating frustration.

3. Social Distancing Tape

Yep, IPG has tape designed specifically for the coronavirus pandemic. Basically, it’s used to adhere to floors so people know how far away to stand from each other so they stay safe.

Not only does it withstand a beating from rough foot traffic, but it also does not leave behind any annoying sticky residue when removed.

And there’s special versions for indoors and outdoors.

Nice, right?

So, yes. You can trust IPG’s products. And we’re happy to recommend them when they make sense for your needs.

3 Essentials for Every Top-Notch Loyalty Program

Pretty much every c-store has at least some form of customer loyalty program.

But, as you know in business, someone always does the same thing better than most.

How do you make your rewards program enticing enough to join and continue to be valuable enough so that customers keep using it?

Find out below:

1. A Decidedly Low-Tech Approach Works

The top reason most customers don’t use loyalty programs is they don’t understand the benefits of yours or how it works.

Think of your own consumer life. How many apps, loyalty programs, specials, and other things are you a member of?

It’s enough to drive you insane because every business has one or more and you can’t possibly remember it all!

On-site signs help. But customers can just pass right by those. So a good solution involves training your employees to educate your customers on a consistent basis.

Your employees have to be excited about your customer loyalty program, understanding how it works, and seeing the value such that they join it themselves. They should have it completely memorized.

And they should know how to communicate the benefits to customers because they’ll sign up when the rewards are right.

2. Create Goals and In-House Competitions

Tangible mechanisms always work best in business. You can tell your employees to do this or that all day long.

And they will…but only to a certain extent.

Because they have no ongoing source of motivation, however, your employees will eventually fade their behavior back to normal over the course of months. And then you’ll notice your customer loyalty program membership rates dropping.

So, keep your team motivated. For example, if they sign up an agreed-upon number of customers, they get a reward that you and they agreed upon.

Maybe it’s a couple extra vacation days. It could be a financial bonus. The reward itself doesn’t matter…as long as your employees agree to it and find it valuable.

3. Change with the Market

Once you have customers in your loyalty program, you have to continually adjust with their demands.

For example, your app might track their purchasing habits and deliver them advertising designed specifically for what they purchase.

You might offer your customer the flexibility to use rewards points to reduce their gas costs outside when fueling up or cut their food purchases when inside. Or, you might give them free tickets to local sporting events when they reach certain purchase thresholds.

You have to continually evaluate your customers and meet their needs as they change.

So, that’s how you create and keep a top-notch loyalty program.

Which point did you find the most helpful?

Product Review: Maxim Facility One-Step Disinfectant Cleaner and Deodorant

Now, you have another tool in your arsenal to combat COVID-19, in addition to masks and hand sanitizer!

Maxim Facility+ is effective against SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) on hard surfaces in under 1 minute. And to prove that’s actually the case, Maxim Facility+ has EPA approval it can do exactly that.

The problem with similar disinfectants is that they use unnecessarily harsh ingredients which take up to 10 minutes to do the same work.

So, who knows how many businesses and organizations unwittingly spray the product on, only to wipe it off before it even does any good?

Maxim Facility+ is not just effective against SARS-CoV-2. It also works against the influenza virus, Staph, E coli, and Salmonella enterica.

It’s also safe and easy to use. Simply:

  • Have the employee applying the disinfectant wear goggles or a face shield so they don’t get the disinfectant in their eyes, nose, or mouth
  • Add 2 ounces of Maxim Facility+ per each gallon of water
  • Then spray the targeted surfaces until wet
  • Allow the surface to remain wet according to specific times given on the product label
  • Wipe the sprayed surface off and allow it to dry

Maxim Facility+ is designed specifically for hospitals and general cleaning, disinfecting, and taking care of mold and mildew on hard, non-porous surfaces.

However, these facilities also can benefit from the product:

  • Food service companies
  • Cruise ships
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Public buildings

Relax and Know Your Patients, Employees, and Visitors are Protected

Now you can take back control from COVID-19, instead of running away and hiding, hoping you, your employees, and your family don’t get it.

While Maxim Facility+ is not a cure, it is effective in the prevention of COVID-19 and offers some protection.

Keep your business or school up and operating. Continue serving those who need your help. And reduce everyone’s, and your own, stress and anxiety about the pandemic and how to deal with it.

Maxim Facility+ comes to the rescue when other products can’t.

And now you know exactly how to use it.

Celebrate Customer Service Week 2020 By Rewarding Your Reps

Your customer service team does a lot for your company, don’t they?

They have to deal with cranky (and sometimes unreasonable) customers all day, every day, for the entire year.

Any job has its difficulties. And any time you show your appreciation to your employees (as long as you don’t short them), that helps you get the best out of them over the long haul.

So what about your customer service team? How can you recognize them?

Here’s some thoughts:

1. Feed ‘Em!

Yeah. It really is that simple.

You could cleverly think out some amazing way to really make your workers feel special.

Nothing wrong with that.

But, according to an article at Inc, 60% of 1100 employees surveyed said food makes them feel “valued and appreciated.”

And that’s a pretty simple thing to do for your workers whether they work from home or come into the office.

2. Ask Them

No. It’s not up to you to dream up the perfect reward.

Surprises do go over well, but to really know what motivates others most, you can simply ask them.

Then you construct a rewards system that matches what they want.

Everyone’s different. So, you really don’t know exactly what’s going to be most motivating for each person.

And employees are always happier when their opinion is heard and acted on.

3. Play Games

Employees are more productive when they’re having fun.

A die-hard work-all-the-time attitude gets exhausting and eventually burns people out, causing their productivity to plummet.

And when you have to deal with customers all day long and all year round, you don’t have control over their attitudes and the issues they come to you with.

So in the environment you control, your office, keep things as fun as possible.

And again, ask your employees what they want to do.

This is another one where everyone can interact if they work from home also so you can keep everyone motivated whether they’re in the office or miles away.

4. Do Something Charitable

Who wants to work for a miserly company that has a sole focus on hoarding as much money as possible?

Compare that to a kind, compassionate company that takes pride in being of service to the community in which it operates.

Which do you think your employees would feel better about being a part of?

And then consider how that pours over into employee motivation and finally shows up in their productivity.

Again, make it a joint decision, as that gives your employees the most motivation.

These are far from the only ways to motivate your customer service team.

But, now you have a beginning list of ideas so you can work with your CSRs to create a motivating work environment that helps them perform their best every day!

How to Prepare for the Insanity of the 2020 Holiday Retail Season

Q4 is always guaranteed to be insane. But because of coronavirus’ effects changing the market, 2020’s Q4 will be the most insane in history.

Out of all the things you could possibly do, what should you prioritize?

Here’s what to focus on:

1. Spread Out Your Offers to Longer Time Frames

Both Kohl’s CEO Michelle Gass and Target CEO Brian Cornell recommend this and will be doing it in their own stores.

Kohl’s is anticipating early holiday demand to be higher than normal in October.

Another market dynamic to be aware of is that more baby boomers will be shopping online than ever before.

Historically, they have resisted buying online. But the threat of coronavirus has been enough to convince them to shop online.

So, all your special offers must also be clearly communicated online too.

2. Keep Customer Service on Red Alert

It’s no secret that with the increased online ordering volume FedEx, UPS, and USPS have been losing more packages and not making expected shipment arrival times.

From a business perspective, you can understand why.

But your customers? They won’t quite be so understanding.

So, make sure you have customer service prepared with the power to make customers happy.

Many companies do not give customer service the power to do the right thing for their customers.

While customers get annoyed when something bad happens, they become ecstatic when you fix it.

So this could be a huge opportunity for you to swipe market share from your competitors!

3. Your Store Will Nonetheless Essentially be a Fulfillment Center

No one knows how long online shipping times will be delayed. During the coronavirus pandemic’s explosion in the US in March and April, Amazon’s shipping times expanded from 1-2 days (via Amazon Prime) to 4-6 weeks in some cases.

It all depended on the item purchased and the fulfillment center it had to be shipped from.

Since then, however, Amazon hired 175,000 workers in June. And they’ve gone on another hiring wave that will add 100,000 more.

…But who knows how the lead times will actually play out?

To compensate, your store should offer curbside, inside, and drive-through pickup for customers.

Some estimates show that stores which offer these options will increase online sales by nearly 100% year-over-year!

4. Increase Last Mile Delivery Options

We’ve already discussed many of the problems traditional carriers will face. And, of course, you have to add to that the potential that shipping delays will happen too.

So, what can your retail store do to make the last-mile delivery success rate higher than it would be otherwise?

To start, partner with more carriers to make delivery times more consistent (Shipt, Rodei, and anything else available in your area).

Train your store associates and build out your own shipping infrastructure so you can keep as many customers as you can as happy as possible.

Finally, we wish you the best of luck. Q4 won’t be easy for anyone. But with these tips, you can make the most of it!

Why the Largest Retailers Require Masks

Masks have become a tool of political war. So much so, in fact, that you can tell which party someone supports based on whether they wear a mask or not.

In fact, currently the 10 largest retailers, and most of the top 40, as ranked by the National Retail Federation, require both employees and customers to wear masks.

Stores aren’t necessarily turning customers without masks away. Walmart, for example, stations employees outside who work with customers to ensure they have a mask on. Other retailers, like Meijer, simply have masks available for customers to purchase at a variety of price points.

So basically, they’re making mask-wearing as easy as possible. And that means they’re keeping as much business as they can amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Both domestically and globally, there’s actually been a lot of debate about whether masks actually do any good or not.

Sweden is an interesting example of not requiring masks. Anders Tegnell, Sweden’s top coronavirus expert, has consistently argued against the use of masks.

Sweden’s infection rate hit a peak in June, reports an article at Fortune. But it has fallen dramatically since.

Tegnell argues not wearing masks is a more sustainable, long-term approach than shutting the entire country down and wearing masks. Many countries who follow the latter approach are now seeing second waves of coronavirus, while Sweden’s continues to head down.

US CDC Recommendations Differ

CDC recommendations, however, currently encourage everyone to wear cloth masks or homemade masks when it’s difficult to maintain 6 feet of social distancing.

However, the ideal, the CDC says, is to aim for wearing medical-grade masks which block both large and small droplets from coughs and sneezes (when worn properly).

Another unintended problem with masks is that they give people a false sense of security. So, people lose awareness of other things they do which could cause the spread of coronavirus, such as touching their eyes.

Nonetheless, the CDC currently continues to recommend face masks be worn.

What Choice Do Retailers Have?

While the evidence on the spread of coronavirus and the most effective methods for preventing it is mixed, confusing, and highly political, retailers really only have one choice: give customers the sense of security they want, regardless of the effectiveness of wearing masks.

Though masks may not be an effective long-term solution, opinion lies where it lies.

And you have to follow suit.

So for now, you’ll have to enforce the wearing of masks and hope for the best.

Why You’ll Absolutely Love Iconex

At Pollock, we’re picky about the suppliers we choose. You really have to be the cream of the crop to partner with us.

Fortunately, due to America’s focus on innovation, we have plenty of suppliers to recommend to you.

And when it comes to imaging, labeling, sanitization, and receipts, we’re more than happy to recommend Iconex.

They are actually one of our oldest suppliers, as they goes back to at least 1887. Technically, that year its former parent company, NCR Corporation, created the first printing department that led to the creation of Iconex.

So its history actually goes back farther than that. But suffice it to say, Iconex has been around at least 133 years. And you have to be awfully smart and innovative to stay around that long in America.

Iconex is responsible for inventing and proliferating the cash register receipt, which began in 1892.

Unfortunately, we can’t cover all their products because they have more than 10,000. However, we can talk about a couple important ones:

1. Paper Receipts

Obviously, this is their core business. Iconex’ paper receipt production processes are impeccably thorough.

For example, each paper grade endures extensive qualification procedures to ensure high quality. Manufacturing equipment has been custom-designed to create the least amount of paper dust and lint possible.

And you can choose from the widest possible range of thermal receipts in the industry at Iconex.

Whew! Iconex is intense.

2. Tamper Seals

You can bet these are more popular during the coronavirus pandemic as more companies focus on pick-up and delivery.

Tamper seals make it clear and obvious to customers that their order has not been tampered with in any way.

These seals are so good that Uber Eats, Grubhub, and Doordash use them. And if the top names in delivery think they’re excellent, you can bet these tamper seals are.

3. Supply Chain Management Labels

Your supply chain is its own little environment. That’s why Iconex has a specialist conduct an on-site survey of your supply chain prior to any label printing.

You can get labels for every purpose, including picking, pallets, product ID, returns, shipping, stocking, and even custom-created labels.

With a single source provider as capable as Iconex, your supply chain is in good hands.

So yes, Iconex’ products and services rock. And we’re happy to recommend them when they make sense for you.