Benefits of Automatic Reordering for Inventory Management

The bigger your business, the more inventory you need to manage. Keeping track of inventory on its own can be a full-time job. Recent updates in technology have taken this manual task and automated it with features like automatic inventory reordering. Even if your inventory team has decades of experience, there’s always room for human error. Here’s why we recommend automatic reordering for inventory management:

Improves Efficiency by Eliminating Manual Ordering Process

Manually ordering items may not seem like it takes a lot of time, especially when the co-worker in charge of it has mastered the skill. However, automatic reordering makes the process more efficient by removing the need for manual ordering. The inventory management team will be able to focus on other parts of the job with the time they would have otherwise spent on this repetitive task. 

Keeps Businesses Fully Stocked without Overstocking

When there’s a co-worker in charge of ordering products, it’s typically easier to stay overstocked than have the exact amount of product needed on hand at any given time. There’s always a chance of under stocking, especially during busier times. An automatic reordering system doesn’t have to ask anyone if it’s time to reorder. As inventory runs low, the system will automatically put in the new order so there’s always just enough product in stock. 

Saves Money by Reducing Risk of Rush Fees 

Rush delivery fees may not seem like much, especially if you’re used to paying them. However, there’s no need to pay rush fees when it comes to reordering products. An automatic reordering system won’t forget to put in an order or miss a deadline. It will put in the order at the right time, often finding discounts that you may not have found on your own. 

Simplifies Inventory Tracking and Management

Used properly, an automatic reordering system will simplify the inventory tracking process. With products being ordered automatically as they run low, there’s little risk of losing track of which products have been ordered and which ones haven’t. It’s also easier to manage inventory when the step of manually ordering has been removed from the process. 

Gives Businesses More Time to Focus on Customers

The ultimate goal of automating reordering systems is to free up time for businesses to focus on what’s important. For most businesses, that’s the client or the customer. Co-workers can spend the time that would have been spent reordering the same product that’s ordered every month creating great customer experiences. This benefits the customer and co-worker alike. 

Inventory management doesn’t need to be a fully manual process. With automatic reordering, take some of the work off of your inventory team. Ready to get started? Give Pollock Orora a call at 972-263-2126 or reach out online.