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Benefits of Buying Refurbished Cleaning Equipment

Your bottom line is important. Cutting corners without giving up quality seems an impossible dream. However, Pollock Orora makes solved happen with our line of cleaning supplies, including refurbished cleaning equipment. All prices for our equipment are listed online for your perusal, and our sales team is ready to answer all your questions about each piece of cleaning equipment. Below are a few of the many reasons refurbished cleaning equipment may be your best option.


This is the main driver for most businesses to purchase refurbished commercial cleaning equipment. When an expensive component for cleaning is necessary, some organizations may find they cannot afford the better equipment. With refurbished equipment being an option, the idea becomes much more feasible to fit into the budget. In fact, it may be possible to purchase additional equipment for the price of a new model, which could double the speed at which your team operates. In that respect, purchasing refurbished equipment could mean additional revenue for your organization.


More than simply “used,” refurbished equipment has been fully inspected to meet a quality very close to new. Equipment must pass quality tests, such as Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) regulations, and if any components are not working properly, they are replaced or repaired. Every piece of refurbished equipment is cleaned inside and out. Many times your refurbished machine is so close to new, only the price is different.

Extended warranty 

Rather than leaving you out to dry, which often occurs when you purchase used equipment, refurbished equipment has the backing of the company selling it. Inquire as to what the extended warranty covers and the length of the warranty, as it varies from one company to the next. Often included are repairs, replacement parts, and customer service. When comparing costs, include the extended warranty as a huge factor. In other words, if the price difference is negligible but one retailer includes a warranty, choose the equipment with the warranty.

Environmental friendliness 

If your company is working toward sustainability, purchasing refurbished equipment can help lead the charge. Buying new equipment removes resources from the earth while refurbished equipment not only keeps the machinery out of a landfill, it keeps more resources in the environment.

Purchase a high-quality product at a fraction of the price by contacting Pollock Orora. Our inventory changes frequently, which means you can peruse our refurbished machinery regularly for great deals. Contact us to learn about our current inventory of cleaning supplies, and ask our sales team to contact you when one of your dream machines is available. Learn how we can make solved happen for your business, from cleaning products to industrial equipment.