Bissell Deep Cleaning Equipment Keeps Your Building in Top Shape

If you’ve been reading our President’s Club vendor profiles of late, you’ve heard exclusively about a number of product manufacturers. Mostly, they’re making consumable commodities you use in large volumes.

Today though, we’re changing things up a little. Bissell manufactures deep cleaning equipment – and it’s been doing so since – get this – 1876. As you might guess, their goal is to help your company create the cleanest environment possible in an environmentally friendly way.

Company founder Melville Bissell actually invented the floor sweeper – also back in 1876. Today, the company keeps his same focus on quality and innovation.

Clearly, Bissell has been in the industry longer than everyone else. And they’ve certainly created a nice competitive advantage over that time.

But what specifically makes Bissell a smart choice? Find out below:

1. Focus on Making Their Products Improve Your Efficiency and Increase Your Bottom Line

Look, it’s not often you hear of a commercial cleaning products maker who also understands how to reduce your costs. Most want to focus on their product and cleanliness.

Bissell certainly understands both. At the same time, they also design all products to make your cleaning operations more efficient, which in turn reduces your operating costs. While every company is well-intended, few remember to see how they can actually improve your bottom line.

2. Products Specially Designed for Every Industry

Every company designs products for specific purposes. But we can’t think of one that creates commercial cleaning equipment for particular industries.

You can see this evidenced on Bissell’s website. To find the product you want, you actually search by industry first, and then find the product that makes sense.

Most companies do the reverse. And you can bet it makes a huge difference to the performance you get from the deep cleaning equipment you purchase from Bissell.

3. Product Spotlight: Hurricone Cordless Floor Dryer

Have people tracking in snow that melts on your floors and keeps them wet? Do you simply need to dry a recently cleaned area of your store much faster?

That’s where the Hurricone Cordless Floor Dryer comes in. It’s actually shaped just like a “Caution Wet Floor” warning cone you see in the store. But it also includes a battery with an 8-hour run time that pushes air out the bottom of the cone to dry your floors faster.

That protects your company’s reputation and minimizes the chances of a lawsuit being successfully taken against you.

When it comes to commercial deep cleaning products, you just can’t beat Bissell. And you now know why we heartily recommend them every chance we get.