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Cleaning Solutions for Property Management Companies by Pollock Orora

Property managers have the arduous task of maintaining all their properties to please clients and property owners alike. Wearing several hats is part and parcel of the trade, and property managers must be able to supply their buildings with cleaning solutions, building maintenance supplies, hardware and manpower for repairs, rent vacant properties, and handle all accounting aspects of running a company. Let Pollock Orora remove part of the worry of property management with a full line of cleaning solutions. 

Setting the Expectation

New tenants anticipate a clean, sanitary building or apartment free of vermin and without structural impediments. First impressions are the responsibility of a property manager. A potential client who notices dirt, mildew, and odors could be easily dissuaded from signing the paperwork for a high-priced rental. While your company could easily run down to a box store to purchase supplies, the correct equipment and chemicals to tackle these jobs can mean the difference between a 2-hour cleaning and a 2-day cleaning. 

Consulting with Professionals

Your road to easier cleaning begins with a consultation with Pollock Orora’s team. We focus on your cleaning requirements, asking whether the cleaning is one-time or weekly, for instance. Then, we determine what chemicals and machinery are necessary to complete the task. If you are concerned about noise levels or whether your carpet is as clean as it should be, rest assured with Pollock Orora’s options that meet the Carpet and Rug Institute’s standards. We are also a member of ISSA, the Leading Association for the Cleaning Industry; we understand how integral sanitary supplies are for your property management operation.

Once our in-depth consultation is completed, the perfect cleaning solution is generated for one or multiple buildings or homes. Each building is different depending on leasing arrangements, and we can create a plan for each individual establishment you manage.

Finding the Right Supplies

Pollock Orora offers more than advice for property managers, though. With a full line of commercial cleaning supplies, you will never need to run out of supplies again. 

Choose an upright, canister, wet-dry, or backpack vacuum to reach every surface where debris accumulates, washable or disposable microfiber cloths to clean everything from desktops to machinery, detergents and soaps to keep surfaces and people clean, cleaners and disinfectants for common rooms as well as heavily-used factories, auto scrubbers and floor sweepers to maintain large, open areas. No property is too big or small to utilize Pollock Orora’s cleaning solutions. 

Fair Pricing and Easy Ordering

When you order from Pollock Orora, the products you receive will be high quality at a lower price than you anticipate. Not many companies can offer fantastic products and services at great prices and send those products quickly. You can expect this level of service with every order from Pollock Orora. You even have the option of fulfilling your inventory orders automatically when your supplies run low. Our integrated ordering systems keep you from running out of necessary cleaning supplies.

As a member of the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), Pollock Orora understands the importance of providing knowledge through consultations, then solutions via the top-grade products and services property management companies require. This knowledge helps us understand your specific needs.

Order online or by calling 800 843-7320 and we will send your supplies from one of our many warehouse partners to expedite shipping times. We look forward to meeting all your cleaning and disinfecting needs with our individualized cleaning solutions.