Today’s professional cleaners are being asked to do more with tighter budgets, resources, all while “cleaning for appearance” is no longer enough. Illness-causing germs can live on frequently touched surfaces for hours and even up to several days. The demand for cleaning for health has never been higher, with 90% of companies requiring return to office by 2024.1

A Smarter Way to Healthier Shared Spaces™ uses a task-based approach to provide the best solutions to protect areas around your facility. Whether you’re wiping the reception desk or tackling tougher tasks like grease and grime, CloroxPro has you covered with efficient product solutions for your cleaning and disinfecting needs.

Cleaning for Health means that your goals include reducing the spread of pathogens and helping to protect the health of your building’s occupants, visitors, and staff. It is more than a visual clean. People, products and process are important building blocks in Cleaning for Health, and Pollock Orora can help with them all!

1. Nine Out Of 10 Companies Will Require Employees Return To The Office (