Common Misconceptions About Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning means cleaning a facility in which business takes place. This type of cleaning is crucial for any type of business, as all businesses need to maintain a clean and healthy environment. Some companies outsource commercial cleaning to cleaning professionals, while others choose to hire in-house professionals. Read on to learn about common misconceptions about commercial cleaning and why it’s important for any business. 

Commercial cleaning is only necessary for large businesses.

Businesses of all sizes benefit from commercial cleaning services. Whether your business is small enough that everyone wears multiple hats or large enough that each person has a highly specialized role, commercial cleaning cannot be overlooked. Keeping the facility clean impacts your company’s reputation, as well as the health and safety of anyone who enters the building. 

Commercial cleaning costs are too high.

At first glance, you may balk at the costs of commercial cleaning. However, when you consider how important it is to keep your facility clean, the necessity of professional commercial cleaning becomes clear. In the long term, having professionals clean your commercial facility will save you time and money. Commercial cleaning professionals will work efficiently and maintain your facility, prolonging the life of all surfaces. Cleaning programs can be tailored to fit any budget, so keep this in mind when shopping around for cleaning services. 

Commercial cleaning is a luxury and not a necessity.

Your facility needs to be clean. The health and wellbeing of your co-workers, customers, clients and whoever else enters your building depends on it. Poor hygiene in commercial spaces often leads to increased rates of sickness, meaning more callouts and less productivity. Poor air quality also spreads allergens, which can greatly affect the health of those with allergies. Through regular cleanings, commercial cleaning professionals remove many of these germs and debris from the air in your facility, making it a healthier and safer place to be. 

Commercial cleaners use harmful chemicals.

Traditionally, commercial cleaners have used harsh chemicals for every task. At the time, that’s all that was available to them. However, there’s an increasing focus on sustainable cleaning, which involves swapping out some chemicals and using lower concentrations of others. Advances in cleaning technology have made it so fewer chemicals are necessary for a complete clean. If you’re worried about harmful chemicals, look for a commercial cleaner with a Green Seal cleaning certification. 

Commercial cleaning can be effectively handled by in-house staff.

While any type of cleaning may seem simple on the surface, there are many factors that go into commercial cleaning. Commercial cleaners focus solely on cleaning for their job, so they train extensively on best practices for keeping facilities safe and healthy. In-house cleaners may have other tasks to focus on that would take priority over the cleaning tasks, especially during busier times. You would also have to deal with turnaround and training new co-workers if you kept your cleaning in-house. Outsourcing commercial cleaning is your best bet for making sure your business is consistently clean. 

Commercial cleaning professionals keep facilities healthy and safe. When it comes to cleaning, there’s no room for cutting corners. If you’re looking to save money on cleaning services, you can always keep cleaning products and equipment on hand to avoid equipment rental costs. Pollock Orora can help you find a range of products to keep your business clean. Contact us to learn more.