COVID-19 Product Spotlight: PC868 Infrared Forehead Thermometer

It’s hard to manage the constant changes COVID-19 brings to your workplace. It’s also unclear when COVID-19 vaccinations will hit the market en masse and help get the pandemic under control.

And, experts think we will likely have a spike in COVID cases due to the holiday travel that took place.

So, you never know when COVID could break out and wreak havoc at your workplace.

In addition to the measures you already have in place for protecting your staff, you might also use the PC868 infrared forehead thermometer from Pollock Orora.

And here’s why you might use it:

1. Fast No-Contact Scans

You can get an accurate reading in just a single second that identifies a CDC-defined fever of at least 100.4º F or 38º C.

And then the thermometer is ready to scan again immediately. So, testing for fevers is not a problem and won’t disrupt your organization’s productivity.

2. Highly Accurate

A superior microchip and highly sensitive sensor ensure an accurate reading the first time. No need to worry about making mistakes and letting COVID loose in your workplace.

Get the right temperature and make the correct decision in just one second.

3. Easy to Read

The PC868 has an HD LCD screen. It’s clear and bright. The color of the backlighting also changes to orange to indicate a “slight fever” or to red to indicate a “high fever.”

You won’t make mistakes when reading the temperature.

4. Won’t Transmit COVID-19

Since it never comes into contact with another person’s body, the PC868 has absolutely no risk of spreading COVID-19. There is no need for multiple separate thermometers and you won’t have to label thermometers for use on certain parts of the body.

5. No Additional Stress

Since it’s non-invasive and a simple point-and-press, the PC868 doesn’t cause any additional stress to the tested person. And your staff doesn’t have to worry about using the thermometer correctly or incorrectly.

Wherever you need to scan people’s foreheads for potential COVID-19-caused fevers, you’re in good hands with the Pollock’s PC868.

You can be sure you’ll catch fevers if present and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Product Spotlight: Rubbermaid Hand Sanitizer Gel

The famous and beloved Rubbermaid now enters the market with hand sanitizer gel designed specifically to take care of 99.9% of germs.

And if you’re curious about its effectiveness, the hand sanitizer gel contains more than 60% (actually 62.5%) ethanol per the CDC’s recommendations.

The CDC recommends hand sanitizers with 60-95% ethanol in healthcare settings during the COVID-19 pandemic. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers have been found to be more effective than soap and water. And they don’t require a stop at a sink or bathroom, either.

Plus, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are also less irritating to your hands.

Rubbermaid’s hand sanitizer gel kills 99.9% of germs on contact. And all you have have to do is rub it in and let it dry. No washing or rinsing is needed.

Aloe and vitamin E are included for their skin-healing properties. That means you can use it many times per day and not experience any dryness or irritation on your skin. That encourages regular use.

Rubbermaid’s hand sanitizer gel is also dye and fragrance-free.

And finally, it comes in pump bottles, which ensures no mess and makes distribution easy.

Make Sure to Instruct Your Team on the Right Way to Use Hand Sanitizer

By far, the biggest problem with hand sanitation always involves the application of the product.

Most people just do a quick rub that lasts a few seconds. Well, that doesn’t necessarily distribute the product evenly enough to be effective. And so, even with the right hand sanitizer, you could still have significant risk of spreading COVID-19 anyway.

So, here’s how you should do it, per CDC guidelines:

  1. Take a generous amount of hand sanitizer – enough to cover all surfaces of your hands
  2. Rub it in until dry, which should take about 20 seconds
  3. Do not rinse or wipe off the hand sanitizer before it dries!

It’s pretty simple. And the above 3 steps are all there is to it.

But you have to make sure your team does it. Maybe place a sign right next to any hand sanitizing stations you have.

In our opinion, Rubbermaid makes awesomely effective hand sanitizer. And we’ll happily recommend it to you when it makes sense.

COVID-19 Product Spotlight: Victory’s Cordless Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer

Your workplace has a massive amount of square footage that somehow needs to be disinfected to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

How do you ensure that the correct amount of disinfectant gets applied to the thousands of square feet of surfaces at your building so that you reduce the chances of having an outbreak of COVID-19?

Well, that’s where Victory’s Cordless Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer comes in.

You can apply disinfectant faster, consistently even, and with less labor.

How It Works

Believe it or not, electrostatic spraying technology has been around for more than 60 years in other industries. Since general society hasn’t had an urgent need for precision application of disinfectant, electrostatic spraying hasn’t become the standard in the general disinfection of buildings and workplaces.

But with the break out of COVID-19, we’ve had to innovate.

Electrostatic spraying simply charges liquids as they pass through a nozzle. Because the liquid has a charge when sprayed, it actively seeks out surfaces, sticks to them, and even wraps around to coat all sides. This also means hard-to-reach corners and undersides of surfaces get disinfectant when manual cleaning might miss those areas entirely.

So, that means you get a much more consistent application, and much lower likelihood of COVID-19 spreading around your buildings.

Traditional trigger sprayers can also cause liquid pooling. That doesn’t happen with electrostatic sprayers.

What’s So Special about Victory’s Cordless Backpack Sprayer?

Well, it covers around 23,000 square feet on a single tank of 2.25 gallons of disinfectant. Since it’s cordless and operates on a battery which lasts 4 hours on a single charge, that means your team can get a lot done with ease. And for you, that means time and money saved.

Double-charge technology means the product to be applied gets charged when it enters the tank and again as it is sprayed. As you might guess, that means the maximum amount of disinfectant possible sticks to surfaces around your building, which minimizes the likelihood COVID-19 catches on and spreads around.

An adjustable 3-in-1 nozzle allows for easy application in surfaces, corners, and undersides so you don’t miss any spots.

Not only does it allow for easy, consistent application and high employee productivity, but Victory’s electrostatic backpack sprayer is comfortable for your crew to wear. The carrying straps are comfortable. A handle allows the backpack to be carried when needed. And the spraying handle is ergonomically designed for comfort too.

So, your crew won’t feel the need to take off the backpack or use it in ways not intended, which could jeopardize the effectiveness of their work.

If you hear us recommend Victory’s electrostatic backpack sprayers, you should jump out of your seat for joy. They will rock the job and help you keep everyone who needs to enter your building safe.