How a Dependable Brand Keeps Your Company Operating Smoothly

Ever hear of this company called “3M?”

Of course you have. They’ve been around since 1902. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing has not only stayed in business for more than a century, but continues in its position as one of America’s most iconic brands.

They now have a $126 billion market capitalization and $30 billion in revenue to show for it. They do operate somewhat in mining technology, but they’re mostly known for creating indispensable products like Scotch tape and Post-It notes.

3M’s history involves an amazing story of innovation. That’s why they’ve been able to not just hang around for more than a century, but thrive and remain one of the top companies in the US today.

With their quality, reliable business and office supplies (over 55,000 different ones), their customers have been able to keep smooth business operations this whole time. Employees never have to worry about their supplies. They focus on their jobs instead. And they know they’ll always be able to do so.

Pollock Does the Same – And More

We’re not quite as old as 3M, but we’re close. Did you know we were founded in 1918? 2018 marks a full century of reliable service.

Not only do you get the cleaning, packaging, and office supplies you need, but you also have expert industry consultants who do custom consulting for your business. You can get custom consulting for cleaning and maintaining your facility, maximizing the efficiency of your operations, how you package your products, how you manage your office supplies, and much more.

Our distribution centers located in Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Wichita Falls, Atlanta, Charlotte, Fresno, and Jamesburg (New Jersey) mean 90% of the country gets supplies in two days or less. Canadian companies are well within our distribution network also.

In business, you know no one succeeds alone. If you tried to do it all by yourself, you’d make many more mistakes, waste money, and spend years figuring your way forward. That’s why it makes sense to have a partner you can rely on. A company who’s been around for a long time, served many industries, and has the knowledge and experience necessary to help you quickly achieve your goals.

In business, it just doesn’t get any better than knowing you can call your vendor and have exactly the solution you want and need every time. And that’s why you should add Pollock to your short list for evaluation today.