Diversey Rocks as A Vendor

Diversey Corporation is yet another one of our recommended vendors whose history stretches back nearly a century. Recently, it’s undergone a number of purchases, and for a time settled in the hands of the Sealed Air company (as of 2011).

But, it’s now undergone even more changes. And this time, the company gets back its independence (for the second time). Today, it affects the lives of more than 800 million workers across the globe.

Diversey focuses on providing innovative research-driven building care solutions in the hospitality, healthcare, food service, retail, government, and education sectors. These solutions extend to all aspects of a physical facility, including offices, guest rooms, bathrooms, and food prep areas.

Some of its most popular brands include Suma, Clax, TASKI, Room Care, and Diversey Consulting. The company has partnerships with leading global organizations such as the World Health Organization, the World Wide Fund for Nature, and the Global Food Safety Initiative.

If sensitive industries with far-reaching impact like that trust Diversey, you know businesses of all sizes can too.

Two of Diversey’s Global Successes

McDonald’s India, for example, called on Diversey. Diversey was well aware of the severe clean water shortages throughout the country with exploding population growth. It certainly wouldn’t be helpful for McDonald’s to use water in an irresponsible way. So, they hired Diversey to reduce water consumption company-wide.

Bathrooms were identified as a leading source of water use. So, Diversey recommended the “Flush-Me Not Program,” which provided waterless urinals for use. In addition, these urinals also offer odor and stain control.

This led to 1.7 million gallons of water saved, $48,000 saved on water sourcing costs, and more than 30,000 people being provided the water they need to live healthy lives.

A little closer to home, in Asheville, North Carolina, Highland Brewery needed to maintain the high reputation of its more than 20 styles of beer. So, Diversey helped Highland use the most efficient and environmentally sound cleaning chemicals possible. This also reduced the downtime needed for cleaning their brewing equipment, which produces 1,000 barrels of brews per week. Cleanliness also helps brewed beers keep their distinct flavor, which is of course essential to Highland Brewery’s success.

Finally, the company was also able to reduce their energy and water use, which supports their publicly-acknowledged adherence for sustainable business practices.

Diversey Is Simply an Awesome Vendor

We love all our vendors. And Diversey offers their own value where others cannot. So, we’re happy to recommend their products and services where they make sense.

When you hear “Diversey,” feel relaxed and comfortable – you’re in good hands!