Why Ecolab’s Products and Services Rock the Competition

Ecolab’s products and water, hygiene, and energy technology and services are the best – bar none. They deliver on-site service to help your company keep your food safe, maintain a clean operating environment, and optimize your use of energy and water.

And to top it off, all of Ecolab’s products and services are extremely friendly to the environment also. Some customers believe that eco-friendly products aren’t necessarily the most effective, but that isn’t true. Ecolab works hard with its own internal scientists, sales, and service teams to find new and effective solutions to help you improve your operations and impact the environment positively at the same time.

Learn more about some of Ecolab’s top products and what makes them so unique:

  • Apex for Warewashing

Ecolab actually created the top-selling warewashing product in 1981 – Solid Power. In 2008, Ecolab’s Apex has become the new leader in warewashing. Apex is much more than several detergents for warewashing.

It’s actually an entire program. Apex can notify you when procedures aren’t being followed, make your warewashing processes simpler and safer, and as you’d expect, reduce your environmental impact.

You’ll learn how to use less plastic packaging, the total cost of your warewashing program, and precise machine metrics, among much more.

  • DryExx Pro Helps You Conserve Up to 97% of Your Water and Improve Cleanliness

It can be difficult to get dry lubrication of conveyor lines to perform as well as you’d like. You can still experience microbial growth, which requires frequent cleaning to stop.

Though its name is DryExx, the product works as both a dry and wet lubricant. You can use it diluted with water or completely undiluted.

DryExx keeps lubricated parts looking and smelling clean. But since it doesn’t require water, it eliminates any usage of it whatsoever (unless you absolutely need to use water).

This clearly reduces your environmental impact. It also reduces your costs. And when you use dry lubrication, this results in drier floors, which reduces the chances of worker slips and falls.

  • Ecosure Keeps Your Food Safe

Customized and comprehensive onsite evaluations and training help you keep your food safety standards high. This protects your brand’s reputation so you don’t encounter PR disasters you may have heard other companies experience.

Using their CORE (Comprehensive Onsite Risk Evaluation) food safety program, they identify all the food safety risks you have and give you greater visibility into your operations. Ecolab also shows you how to build awareness of this with your employees – and how to get them to change their behavior.

You don’t just get a plan. You actually have an active, thriving company culture that promotes food safety.

And that’s why Ecolab’s products and services stand out above the rest. It’s also why we carry and strongly recommend Ecolab.

There’s just no doubt about the results you get.